Invisible Communities, Berdaguer & Péjus at the Friche Belle de mai


The Marseille duo Christophe Berdaguer and Marie Péjus explore the link between psyche and environment through moving and emotional architectures where affects, animism and reparation are at stake.

Past or future traumas in architectural utopias, metabolic reactions in form liquidity, psychoarchitectures in nightmares, there is a kind of conjuration in such metamorphoses.
A number of new pieces created for the occasion or results of their recent residences open a sound and visual cartography in reaction instead of the Wasteland, through a labyrinth that will lead the spectator from astonishment to astonishment.
The work that perfectly sums up their approach at the beginning of the journey is “Zone temps” (new production), this evolving sandy landscape, which replays the metaphor of entropy according to Robert Smithson:
” A grey and soft landscape welcomes me and hides under my feet… the sand floor, swept away by my steps, draws and redraws the topography of the place indefinitely… the exhibition is printed as each visitor passes by,… all around, glass bees produce strident sounds… scenography of synaptic connections…

The feeling of having entered an inner landscape…, living in an exhibition as in a psychoarchitecture…

I get up and walk under a metal network…

The layout is emotional, it is the fruit of the moods of its designers then of its inhabitants… an architecture of relationships… of contagions and coexistences…
The objects on display are themselves “recorders”, they are “loaded” with meaning, with memories.”

Don’t forget to go as far as Panorama to discover KILDA, a striking installation with this interweaving of suspended chains, which revisits Gaudi’s principles for Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia, coupled with a musical score by Olivier Messiaen the “Catalogue of Birds”. Reference to this British archipelago of Saint-Kilda where a community lived in near autarky in the middle of thousands of seabirds, from which they drew their survival.

Commissioner : Sandra Adam-Couralet (curator at the Palais de Tokyo)
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until 21 October
La Friche Belle de Mai
full : 5€
reduced : 3€

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