Meeting with Irene Attinger, Head of the MEP Library


Each week, on the occasion of the release of “Une Bibliothèque” en coédition MEP/Actes Sud, Irene Attinger plunges us into the history of a photographic work and has selected ten essentials.

“A Library” gathers 100 books, a work of two years, among 32000 titles which counts the Parisian institution. She explains the evolution of her profession and the photography book market.

Meeting with Irène Attinger, head of the MEP library since 1996.

A LibraryPreface by Jean-Luc Monterosso, Director of the MEP

Textes by Irène Attinger, Head of the MEP

Format library : 24 x 30 cm, 224 pages, 400 full-colour illustrations, bound

Co-edition Actes Sud / Maison Européenne de la Photographie

Public Prize : 49.90 euros

Publication : 7 February 201

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