Our guest of the week is Jean-Pierre Blanc

This week, we welcome Jean-Pierre Blanc, founder and director of the fashion, photography and fashion accessories festival in Hyères which opened last Thursday. Every day, he’ll share his favorites with us, and we start today with his Chinese portrait.

Born in Hyères in 1964, self-taught, father of two children, Jean-Pierre Blanc created the International Fashion Arts Festival in 1986 to support young designers. Director of the Office d’Action Culturelle et de l’Animation de la ville d’Hyères from 1990 to 1995, he developed in parallel the festival which increased its offer and opened to photography in 1997. In 1999, he co-founded the Aquaplaning Electronic Music Festival with Armand Tomassian, which will take place until 2002, and from 1995 to 2002, he was responsible for the programming of exhibitions, events and young audience action in the city of Hyères.
In 1995, he created the Children’s Festival, dedicating the city and its cultural structures to children the week before Christmas (exhibitions, workshops, cinema…) Since 2003, Jean-Pierre Blanc has been director of the Villa Noailles, now an art centre, where he programs contemporary exhibitions of fashion, photography, design and architecture.

In 2006, he founded the Design Parade festival which takes place every year in July, on the same principle as the International Fashion and Photography Festival.

In order to complete the offer made to the designers, four rooms furnished by four contemporary designers (François Azambourg, BLESS, Florence Doléac, David Dubois), responding to the public commission, were inaugurated on 27 October 2007 in the Petite villa.

In July 2010, the permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of the Villa Noailles and to the extraordinary patronage that its sponsors led from 1920 to 1970 was inaugurated.

Bringing together two young researchers, the exhibition is the only scientific light to date on the couple.

The research made it possible to discover the extent of the orders and aids that Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles faithfully brought to the avant-gardes of the twentieth century and to understand the place of the Hyéroise villa in this context. Documents and works – art, architecture, fittings, cinema, music, dance – are brought to light by contemporary scenography (David Dubois then David des Moutis) and graphics (Frédéric Teschner). 2015 saw the opening of a prototyping workshop.

Château Saint Pierre, near the villa Noailles, is a technical support for young designers.

The villa Noailles is open all year round, welcoming an ever-growing and eclectic public (local, national and international), offering a programme based on four themes: fashion, photography, design and architecture.

Exhibitions, festivals, competitions, residencies, commissions, school and group visits, workshops for children, teenagers and families, conferences take place all year round, free of charge, from the”interesting little house to live in”, commissioned by the Noailles couple and frequented by the 20th century avant-gardes, then sold to the city of Hyères in 1970, which remained unoccupied for several years, Jean-Pierre Blanc has made an internationally renowned art centre.

In constant evolution, the villa Noailles perpetuates the patronage and openness desired by its sponsors since the 1920s.

The Chinese Portrait of Jean-Pierre Blanc

The Chinese Portrait of Jean-Pierre Blanc

If I were a work of art : Le portrait de Marie-Laure de Noailles by Christian Bérard, two immense artists whom I admire a lot.
If I were a museum or a gallery : The Carmignac villa in Porquerolles which opens on June 2, the novelty, the new adventure, the energy of the beginning, the magnificent place!
If I were an artist : Karl Lagerfeld for his aestheticism, his career, his immense culture, his generosity, his sense of sharing, his extraordinary work at Fendi as at Chanel.
If I were a book : Marcel Pagnol, Le Château de ma mère,
If I were a film : Pierrot le fou, by Jean-Luc Godard, Porquerolles, Hyères, Toulon magnified in 1965, the revolt of 1968.
If I were a piece of music : Juliette Armanet, à la folie & Eartha Kitt, All by myself
If I were a picture hanging on a wall : The Ballad of Sexual Dependency by Nan Goldin
If I were a quote: Arthur Rimbaud : “eternity, the sea mixed with the sun! ”
If I were a feeling : Love, life ( love never disappears)
If I were an object : Martin Margiela’s double wristwatch at HERMES
If I were an exhibition : Philippe Parreno at the Palais de Tokyo, Pierre HUYGHE at the Centre Pompidou, the ecstasy
If I were a place of inspiration : The island of the Levant, paradise
If I were a beverage : natural mineral water, life
If I were a hero / heroine : Charles and Marie Laure de Noailles
If I were a garment : the official t-shirt of the 33rd Hyères festival by Marcius (Marc Turlan and Marius Bouleteix)


Find the carte blanche of our guest

Carte blanche photographique de Jean-Pierre Blanc : François Halard (Tuesday 1 May 2018)
Carte blanche à Jean-Pierre Blanc : Marc Turlan (Wednesday 2 May 2018)
Carte blanche à Jean-Pierre Blanc : L’île du Levant (Thursday 3 May 2018) La Playlist et les Bons Plans (Friday 4 May 2018)

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