Hyères: the soft power of fashion

© Csilla Klenyanszki

Sarah Mei Herman

serie Morphologies ©Sanna Lehto

© Csilla Klenyanszki
Sarah Mei Herman
serie Morphologies ©Sanna Lehto

Every spring, the caravan colonizes Hyères until the peninsula of Giens under the impulse of Jean-Pierre Blanc the time of a festival which does not stop revitalizing the DNA of the Villa Noailles. It must be said that this part of the French Riviera launched in the 19th century by Empress Eugenie was later eclipsed by Nice while palm trees and rich facades still bear witness to those prestigious hours.

But as in any family”successfull” it attracts the lusts, to look closely at the somewhat heteroclite assembly which is pressed in the gardens. Between the soldier escaped from the Toulon naval base in perfect uniform and the guy with the bracelet who abused UV, the fake sea wolf and the real glide fanatic, the Paris Hilton of the Var who pulled out the sweet or the peloton of built body firemen who watch from the terrace, not everyone has the sesame which can be summed up above all in the badge and press package +++ (i.e. invitations to lunches in mythical hanging gardens, parades in the middle of salt marshes and evening parades at the local circus). It’s this totally unique mix of genres that gives the event an incomparable flavor. Everyone is welcome whatever their background and expectations. Any form of formatting is banned to see the shirts camping style created for the occasion and sold in the shop that embody this freedom of tone and style, fiercely defended by Jean Pierre Blanc.

Time is as suspended and suddenly it is only a question of knowing where my driver Edgar is, the best pissaladière in town and which bus makes the shuttle between the Casino and the Villa (important the meetings in the bus!).

The professionals know that each edition brings its share of nuggets, the Chanel or Chloé houses are not mistaken. That’s why Lou Doillon, Tilda Swinton or Farida Khelfa answered the Jury’s call: see the complete list of winners for the 2018 edition.

Marie de la Fresnaye met the artists selected for sound interviews, some of whom are laureates..

© Eva O’Leary
Eva O’Leary (Ireland/United States). Spitting Image
“Grand Prix du Jury Photographie

From the narcissistic practice of adolescent girls, a sensitive reflection on this transitional period where we no longer fit into the framework! (Interview in English)

Sarah Mei Herman
Sarah Mei-Herman
Sarah Mei Herman (Netherlands) “Xiamen
“AMERICAN VINTAGE Photography Award

A real crush. On the occasion of a residency in China she explores the bonds woven there and the empathy felt. “The exact title of the series refers as much to the epidermis as to the feelings

Csilla Klenyanszki
Csilla Klenyanszki (Hungary), “Top-to-toe” – Hat,
ChanelMortal Nature

A conceptual approach to the self-portrait in the form of funny videos that question the role of women and their place. An unstable balance constantly called into question (Interview in English)

Sanna Lehto
Sanna Lehto (Finland), “Morphologies
“Public Prize – City of Hyères

From her collections in the Finnish countryside, she brings the herbarium closer to the great tradition of still life.

Pascale Arnaud
Pascale Arnaud (France), “Emerging Adulthood
“Photography Competition Selection

Spotlight for its shades of gray that refer to these fluctuating areas of an age where one seeks and takes refuge in a certain nostalgia.

Cécile Gray
Cécile Gray (France), “Initiale(s)
“Prix du Public – Ville d’Hyères

We had met him before the festival around this amazing concept of”jewelry-clothing” and it is a joy to discover his new creations around the crossing of disciplines, being an architect by training. (Read : Hyères : Meeting with fashion designer Cécile Gray)

Jinah Jung
Jinah Jung (Korea),”Bag Collection
“Competition Selection Fashion Accessories

The Korean Jinah Jung and her collection of bags from recycled shoes with the brand Le Coq Sportif)

Allyssa Heuze
Allyssa Heuze (Philippines-France
)Photo Competition Selection

Aurélie Scouarnec
Aurélie Scouarnec (France
)Photo Competition Selection

Jaakko Kahilaniemi
Jaakko Kahilaniemi (Finland
)Photo Competition Selection

Teresa Eng
Teresa Eng (Canada
)Photo Competition Selection


Hyères is the place of all possible? laboratory and incubators of trends certainly, as in the time of Man Ray and other prestigious guests of the Noailles who test their inventions in this cubist maze of the Villa.

I promise, we’ll be back next year

Next: Interview of the artist Matthieu Cossé, Olivier Amsellem founder of the Jogging concept store in Marseille, Pascal Morand, Executive President of the Fédération Française de la Couture…

33rd Hyères
International Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories Festival
Villa Noailles
Montée de Noailles83400

and contest from 26 to 30 April 2018
from 26 April to 27 May 2018 More info here

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