Maurizio Galante’s travel diary at the Arab World Institute, Fashion Week

In the darkness of the collections of the Arab World Institute one has the impression that the Queen of Sheba will emerge among these spells of silks and weavings, mirages of another time than Maurizio Galante combined with the present fashion for her collection autumn winter 2018.
The creator who had decided to present only installations and claims himself above all sculptor, returns with models who magnify these ethnic silhouettes.
Moroccan caftans, Japanese weavings, Indian saris, African ancestral headdresses, Mediterranean djellabas in chamarré colours graze to the sound of a harp willingly austere. Manufactured between Rabat, Italy and Paris, these mixes embody a desire for humanism and tolerance and the enhancement of traditional know-how (Maurizio Galante supports an embroidery workshop in Rabat, AMESIP) in a rigorously contemporary approach.
The jewels are in flowers, the lianas are in fiber, there is flexibility and poetry, purity and exuberance, tribal and universal.
Rabat-Cipango, the name of the fashion show, refers to this fantasized elsewhere, these stories of travellers and multiple influences which cross its collections.
After studying architecture and fashion at the Academy of Costume and Fashion in Rome, Maurizio Galante works alongside fashion designer Roberto Capucci. In 1992, Maurizio Galante was invited for the first time to present his collection as part of the official haute couture calendar in Paris, and since 2008, he has been presenting his collection as an official member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture.
His fashion house is part of this closed and prestigious circle of Parisian houses that are entitled to this recognized label.
After Noureddine Amir, it is the 2nd designer that the IMA welcomes, becoming a new showcase for haute couture.
To continue:
The Arab World Institute is exhibiting until 30 September 2018 the 18 models created by Maurizio Galante for the autumn-winter
2018/2019 collection, presented on 2 July at the IMA Museum during fashion week.
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