An eye on outings #7: March 2018 outings in 10 essentials

? The monthly meeting where we look at last month’s releases. A focus on comic books, comics and manga that you shouldn’t miss these last weeks (the order follows the chronology of the releases) These are of course suggestions, feel free to complete these proposals with other albums that you read and liked this month.

?#BD Key moments from François Ayroles’ Journal de Spirou, Dupuis

With a keen eye and an extreme sense of detail, François Ayroles enjoys sketching the historical figures of the Journal de Spirou by mixing great history with details. The illustrator is not at his first try since he had already made 28 Key Moments of the Comic Strip, New Key Moments of the Comic Strip and Key Moments of the Association, but this time these”moments” are completed with a legend that helps to put these events around Dupuis into context. His mastery of caricature and movement make his vignettes so many promises of stories that we would like to read (and not only for fans of Marcinelle’s School).

?#Manga Kamone Shirahama Wizards Workshop, Pika

What if drawing, the act of drawing lines and symbols were the source of all magic? This is the starting point of this learning manga where a young girl will find herself an apprentice witch because of a plot that threatens the universe of Sorcerers. For once the genre renews itself, it’s worth stopping by. All the more so as the drawing and the staging are quite successful: we think of Ghibli’s films for their sets and their attachment to making credible an enchanting world where a shadow hovers. Or Terremer by Ursula Le Guin who inspires a lot of Japanese designers (a story of archipelagos maybe…). Series to follow, if the story densifies after a tempting exhibition.

?#Comics Oblivion Song by Robert Kirkman, Lorenzo de Felici & Annalisa Leoni, Delcourt

New series by the prolific writer of Walking Dead and Invincible that proposes a split America where a singularity sent 300,000 people into a nightmare zone. Reverse survivalism, a man struggles to bring the survivors back into our reality. The treatment of drawing and color are very pop and offer a black and dangerous universe behind some charming creatures. Only downside, the authors play a lot on waiting and make the revelations last to arrive at a cliffhanger at the end of the volume… We hope that the rest will be more effective after this first approach.

?#Manga Les Chats du Louvre T2 de Taiyô Matsumoto, Futuropolis

Second part of this fantastic & poetic diptych about the dark areas of the Louvre where cats lead the dance. The mangaka Taiyô Matsumoto has responded to the constraints of this collection that allows comic book authors to explore the museum & its collections through the prism of fiction, keeping its unique style and tone that have made its success. A sharp and loose line that allows him all the audacity and that takes us to the borders of the fantastic and the dream. Follow the half-feline half-human characters in the corridors of the world’s most mysterious museum, carried away by one of the most elusive authors of the moment.

?#Comics B.P.R.D Hell on Earth T7 by Mignola, Arcudi, Roberson, Campbell, Stewart & Norton, Delcourt

Special exorcism for Hellboy’s ex-colleagues who are confronted this time with monsters almost lovecraftians in a first part. And in the second, a new agent settles in the team: Ashley Strode who has the power to fight demons on another plane of reality. An exit reserved for the fans of the series to understand all the stakes, although the second part can be read independently. If you want to know more, you have the guide here (N°2 of the list) or
the dedicated chronicle with the details of the various series.

?#BD Le cœur des Amazones by Christian Rossi & Géraldine Bindi, Casterman

Relive the Trojan War and its backstage through the destiny of a group of Amazons, is the bet of the authors of this enchanting album. The scriptwriter places her heroines at the heart of the most famous conflict in literature and proposes a re-reading of the myth of this warrior people by erasing the fantastic parts to propose a”realistic” chronicle. A work highlighted and carried by the sublime drawing of C.Rossi which digs a little more the furrow of the realism with each new album. Drawing from living models, bodies and movement are at the centre of the book, and the author is once again one of the great designers of the moment.

?#Comics New Mutants by Chris Claremont & Bill Sienkiewicz, Panini

And here is the full text of Bill Sienkiewicz’s remarkable passage on X-Men not only for the graphic innovations but also for Chris Claremont’s fascinating scripts that adapt his writing to the designer. These episodes of New Mutants (the successors of the“classic” team, soon adapted to cinema). The atmosphere is tightened, sometimes closer to the horror story than SF or fantasy as is usually the case. It will also be the invention of Warloke or Legion who will become important elements of the mutant universe. This series launches the career of one of the greatest contemporary designers (already prized for his sense of illustration and covers) who refines & asserts his style in these unique episodes and offers us truly incredible pages.

?#BD Tyler Cross T3 by Fabien Nury & Brüno, Dargaud

Third part of the adventures of the lone killer who leaves the mud and hard life of the wide open spaces for the luxury hotels in Florida populated by crooked businessmen. A change of atmosphere that leaned more towards hard-boiled literature than towards the cinema present in the first two parts: the tone became more intimate, more tightened around the reunion between Tyler and this lawyer who owes him a lot of money. The ambiances are more suffocating, dark and we feel that the designer takes pleasure in staging this unhealthy dampness. The action is more cut out, cadenced and his work on the shadows or the colors traps us in this bewitching atmosphere. The series goes up a notch at all levels.

?#Manga Akira T3 (black & white) by Katsuhiro Otomo, Glénat

Glénat continues to release the so-called original version of Akira. A great classic of the manga (all to know about the series here) which had never been the subject of a reissue until then in spite of the defects of the current editions and the expectations of the fans. This time, French readers get the Japanese”luxury” version with a new translation, an original reading sense, a cover… in short, an edition a little closer to the manga wanted by its author. Unfortunately this reissue is rather complicated specifies the editor and the releases are rather spaced, we do not have yet a date for the next 3 volumes. It is always a good opportunity to read or reread the first volumes.

?#Comics T3 Cul de sac intégrale by Richard Thompson, Urban Comics

Last volume of the Otterloop family’s complete adventures, these strips that celebrate the magic of everyday life. Between Calvin & Hobbes, the Peanuts or Mafalda, Richard Thompson has created a melancholic & joyful, strange & endearing world. And something rare, among the concerns of these children, one of them makes a comic strip. An opportunity for the author to speak shop through the prism of his characters with his usual irreverence. In any case more seriously than in his offbeat and absurd comments on each of his own boards. A crazy analysis that would not displease the mischievous Alice who leads the dance in the suburbs of Cul de sac.

?#Comics Criminal T7 by Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips & Elizabeth Breitweiser

Every new album in this series is a surprise. A nice surprise. Very black, violent and above all captivating thrillers: each episode offers an independent story that completes the puzzle around a particular family. If you read the series chronologically you will recognize quite a few secondary characters who become the antiheroes of the following volumes. The other stroke of genius is to integrate fake comic book pages that resonate with the episode’s history. Pastiches by Dick Tracy, Conanou Archie, the authors play with us and push the possibilities of comic strips into these encapsulated stories. One of the best thrillers of our time.

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