Carte Blanche to Agnès Guillaume


For her last Carte Blanche, our guest Agnès Guillaume takes us into her literary world and presents the latest books that have accompanied her lately.

“For a few years now, I’ve been reading very big books that I devour in a very short time: it’s my best escape. Here are three of the last ones.” Young Man My Fight (Volume 4) by Karl Ove Knausgaard

I read the first two volumes in one go, then I had to wait a year for the translation of the third and another year for the translation of the fourth. And I’ll wait for the last two. What I like about him? the extraordinarily detailed descriptions (his childhood memories in volume three!), a post-psychanalysis psychological relevance, the humility of presenting himself as he is without embellishing or worsening the daily picture, and suddenly some intellectual dazzling.

Life and Fate of Vassili Grossman

The War and Peace of the 20the century as it is often called. Shocking – the mother’s letter is a summit of humanity – and tragic, absolutely tragic in its description of war and totalitarian regimes. How can he speak so accurately for so many characters of such different ages, sexes and conditions?

“Elena Ferrante’s”prodigious friend

Elena Ferrante. I was sulking until a friend recently offered me the first two – thanks Victor – devoured and the next two read in the wake. What, for me, makes the strength and attraction of the story of the two friends, is that Elena Ferrante speaks to us about women -each one of us- of our daily lives, of our relationships with men, but she does so in a woman’s language and way of thinking

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