Go… don’t turn around!

Another piece of France leaving. Jacques Higelin, a rock poet with a raspy voice has left us. As a teenager, he delighted us with his refined compositions, his endless and crazy concerts. This time, it is this libertarian France that is moving away and has left us distraught since Friday. Inventor of the French punk-rock with BBH 75 released in 1974, he wakes up a Giscardian France whose”Le téléphone pleure”. BBH 75 is a structuring album that draws its energy from the streets, on the outskirts of cities, and affirms that French rock is not dead. In October 2016, the poet released his 20th album, the last one, in the form of testament”75″, a free and generous opus, as if fallen from heaven, his last stroke of genius.

This week,  Agnès Guillaume, artist and video artist. She makes us discover her universe through her white cards and her favorites.

Lili Tisseyre

Journalist then production director, Lili Tisseyre directed the creation and editorial management of the first web content for the Endemol group’s Real Tv show in the early 2000s. Holder of a...

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