“A Scene at the Sea” de Takeshi Kitano

A contemplative and lymphatic temperament, Shigeru, a deaf and dumb teenager, doesn’t like to work too much. To support himself, he became a garbageman. One fine day, he discovers an abandoned surfboard in a dustbin. Fascinated, he grabs it and takes his friend Takako, also deaf and dumb, to the beach where, under the watchful eye of experienced practitioners, he begins to train. Having acquired a certain experience, he invests his savings in the purchase of new equipment and trains Takako in various competitions. At first, Takako was delighted with his new passion. However, she soon realizes that surfing is taking away her love. One day, while going to look for Shigeru at the beach, she sees the board, alone, tossed by the waves.

“”A Scene at the Sea” by Takeshi Kitano

Released October 19, 1991

Version restored August 8, 2018

Dominique Vautrin

Dominique Vautrin is a French photographer. Influenced by American street photography, he develops during his various projects, a dark work that depicts a society in a phase of anonymization. The c...

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