Paréidolie : Drawing, more current than ever!

The intimate format of the international contemporary drawing fair Paréidolie is one of the keys to the success of this ambitious fair which just celebrated its 5th edition on 1 and 2 September. For this 2018 edition, the show is relocating from its original location at the Château des Servières to the historic hangars of J1 on the Marseille’s quays. A wise choice for several reasons: to reinforce its visibility, to participate in the closing of the great event “MP2018 Quel Amour” and finally to create an artistic synergy with the other surrounding events.

Under the great industrial architecture of J1, Paréidolie shares the same exhibition space as the international contemporary art fair Art-O-Rama. A space, two distinct entrances, two different atmospheres but only one place for the visitor who can pass from one fair to another and return on his favourites with obvious ease. Then, a few steps away from J1, is the Docks Village, a superb Louis XIII style building that hosts the first edition of the “Polyptyque contemporary photography fair.” The FRAC PACA and the “Centre de la Vieille Charité” are only a few meters away where the works of Claude Lévêque and Alex Ceccheti are exhibited. This proximity forms a true artistic village which represents a real godsend for the visitor who can drink art without having to run kilometres by car or public transport.

14 galleries, two white cards and the launch of the “Drawing Season”: Paréidolie brings together a network of institutions promoting this medium, which is increasingly popular with the public and collectors. Drawing is the initial practice at the basis of any project, allows itself all formats and all experiments. Finally, its price is a beautiful entrance door to the collection with fine pieces ranging between 900 and 3000 €.

The 2018 edition ends with some beautiful discoveries and, from performance to figuration, from historical revisits to societal questions, drawing expresses itself more than ever with intensity and freedom, mixing techniques, inventing new media, participating in the conquest of a powerful and universal sensory territory.

Gallery C shows us, artfair after artfair, established artists and emerging talents, forming a stand of a happy hybridization giving to see the plurality of possibilities of this extraordinary medium.

The Michel Rein gallery is distinguished by an elegant booth featuring three artists who place this medium at the heart of their practice. Michele Ciacciofera produces visions of man-insects; Christian Hidaka is inspired by Japanese contemplative essence; finally, Sophie Whettnall cuts and tears the paper support to realize aerial and thoughtful compositions.

Michel Soskine Gallery INC dedicates a solo show to the French artist Agathe Pitié.  His work on the myths of the sun is a pure intelligence. Her technique is very precise, very detailed, sometimes opulent and invasive but the assimilation of the various techniques is at the service of her research making compositions of an extreme quality. Mixing watercolour, ink and gold highlights, her falsely naive, regular and mastered drawing gives a very assimilable reading of ancient stories, foundations of our civilizations and beliefs. A true research work that she conducts entirely on her large format devoted to the history of witches whose style is reminiscent of Jérôme Bosch, Agathe Pitié who defines herself as a “medieval painter” is undeniably a talent to follow.

The strongest questioning is expressed through Edi Dubien’s drawings, presented by the Alain Gutharc gallery.  His work on identity challenges the visitor. Under the trivial appearance of a candid imagery, the forms presented frontally combine innocence and prohibition, sensuality and bestiality, femininity and masculinity. Edi Dubien lets watercolor reveal its own intimacy with the greatest modesty.  His drawings with childish imagery do not have the taste of resentment but that of a certain nostalgia, a regret not to have been the one he would have liked.

The Laurent Godin gallery presents an immersive installation of Marc Couturier’s drawings. He depicts human reality, an artwork out of time, out of the world, revealing a mystical part of creation. The unbound pigment black is enough to transcribe a multiple world, fantasized, as palpable as utopian.

The artist Rémy Jacquier from the Ceysson & Bénétière gallery magnifies universal poetry. It covers its coloured backgrounds with charcoal then blurs the chromatic grain, revealing a purified composition by removing the material, by fingerprints and rubber blows. The revealed whites are the lines of force of a lyrical and singular drawing. Finally, Christos Venetis, presented by the Martin Kudlek Gallery, uses the inside cover of torn books to print a feeling of injury and loss. The graphic supports a sensitive experience within the reach of each visitor who can explore the possibilities of narration.

This 5th edition, intimate and close to the immersive and delectable facts of contemporary art, makes the international contemporary drawing exhibition Paréidolie more essential than ever.


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Paréidolie, Salon International du Dessin Contemporain

5th édition 

1st et 2nd september 2018

J1, Quai de la Joliette

13002 Marseille

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