Auzat l’Auvergnat, a documentary by Arnaud Fournier Montgieux

This week, we invite you to discover”Auzat l’Auvergnat”, a documentary by French director Arnaud Fournier Montgieux, which is being released today!

Touched by the discovery of images shot by his grandfather in the 60s in Auzat, a small Auvergne village, the director is seized by the desire to return to his roots. In his turn, 50 years later, he equipped himself with a camera and went to meet the men and women who give life to Auzat today. There he is welcomed by Bernard, a retired farmer who has known his family well. He discovers a village transformed, rich in diversity, and trying to meet the challenges of our time, while preserving the richness of its natural and cultural heritage.

Auzat l’Auvergnatun
documentaire d’Arnaud Fournier Montgieux

March 21, 2018

Duration: 70 minutes

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