A first in France for the artist Elad Lassry


#PARIS At the invitation of Xavier Franceschi, Vlad Lassry (born in Tel Aviv in 1977, lives in Los Angles) has invested the Plateau (Frac Ile de France) with brand new productions that mark the return to the physicality of the image in the face of recent changes. Like echoes of modern life, these Pop aesthetic photographs from women’s magazines where three supermodels take a break in a strictly small format create an optical illusion insofar as the doubt persists. The same applies to pairs of shoes associated with marine animals. Unlikely connections that operate “collisions” to use the artist’s term, generating anxiety in the spectator.

With the baskets arranged opposite, filled with what looks like printed cushions or the series of grey carpets that remind Joseph Beuys of felt in a very minimal gesture, it is a question of a tension around the processing of the image with a deliberately disturbed space of representation. A container/content duality that underlines the versatility of objects and the nature of the image. The act of looking thus becoming an experience of the collapse of things.

For the site of Rentilly, Frac le Château, Xavier Franceschi faithful to the invitation made in June on the Internet of the draw to choose a letter of the alphabet as a guideline for a future exhibition, started from the winning L in a strictly random approach. The resulting hanging reserves surprising associations allowing to reread the collection and put certain choices in perspective.

With :

Dominique Labauvie, Maëlle Labussière, Jeff Ladouceur, Suzanne Lafont, Denis Laget, Jacques René Lagrange, LALAN, Bernard Lallemand, Bertrand Lamarche, Fabrice Langlade, Annika Larsson and Augustin Maurs, Bo Christian Larsson, Elad Lassry, Micha Laury, Bertrand Lavier, Christopher Le Brun, Jean Le Gac, Marc Le Mené, Marie-Hélène Le Ny, Cécile Le Talec, Guillaume Le Talec, Mark Leckey, Seulgi Lee, Frédéric Lefever, Marie Legros, Pierre Leguillon, Mathieu Lehanneur, Jochen Lempert, Jean Leppien, Rainier Lericolais, Eugène Leroy, Elodie Lesourd, Natacha Lesueur, Agnès Levy, Christian Lhopital, Arto Lindsay, Tony Long, Mireille Loup, Ken Lum, Marie Lund, Guy de Lussigny, Mark Luyten



Practical information:

Elad Lassry

Monographic exhibition

Frac-Le Plateau

22 rue des Alouettes, Paris 19th

until December 9th

Exposure L

Frac-Le Château

until December 10th

Domaine de Rentilly, Bussy -Saint-Martin (77)

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