P/CAS at the Temple Floor


In mid-October, Paris becomes the capital of contemporary art. The FIAC – International Fair of Contemporary Art – is settling in to the Grand Palais and “off” events in several places in the capital such as the Petit Palais, Place de la Concorde or the Delacroix Museum reveal a sharp selection of confirmed artists. On the most beautiful avenue in the world unfolds Art Elyséean art fair dedicated to design. Finally, at the Carreau du Temple, the P/CAS – Paris Contemporary Art Show – an international exhibition of modern and contemporary art, completes this artistic profusion in order to show, promote and diffuse the current artistic scene Solo show or clashes of various artists, the 69 participating galleries present the international creative diversity, from france in Taiwan or from Japan to Argentina

Romain TichitPresident of La Française des Arts, an agency that organizes the P/CAS by YIA tells us about this event.


Marlene PegliascoIntroduce us to the P/CAS -Paris Contemporary Art Show

Romain Tichit…………………………………………………………………………. We are launching this October 18the 5th edition of the P/CAS. This international art fair represents a selection of 69 galleries offering a plurality of artistic perspectives. Thanks to the increasing importance of the event and the work we do all year round, we have been able to attract galleries from several continents. The Americas will be represented with the United States, Argentina and Canada. The Asian continent occupies a beautiful area. For europe, Italy and Belgium each present 5 galleries. And of course, a large part is devoted to French galleries. There are classic stands, stands, stands statements, of the solo shows. Finally, we have a section “Non-Profit Project” that launches young artists. This project constellation is articulated within an aerated and seductive scenography in order to offer a very broad vision.

M.P. : How are the galleries selected? Do you follow an artistic direction?

N.T. : We are launching a call for applications that describes the artistic project. We complete it with a constant artistic watch and in-depth work to search, discover and convince. Then, a selection is made and all the projects are validated with galleries present on the French and international circuits.


M.P.  Organize the P/CAS during the week of the FIAC is important?

N.T. : This is very important because the fairs are incredibly powerful. But it is also a fact. Collectors and amateurs make appointments to come and see the works and artists. They do their research beforehand on the Internet, they may have consulted profiles or seen photos of works on social networks. They then come to the fairs with an idea but also to be surprised and discover. And then, the week of the FIACis 70,000 visitors in a city as beautiful as it is interesting Paris registers with London, New York and Hong Kong among the most captivating cities to collect and discover contemporary art.

M.P. : What are the favorites of this 5th publication?

N.T.…………………………………………………………………………. We have a Japanese gallery that shows the work of Claude Viallat, z GALLERY ARTS in Vancouver presents a solo show of Ran Zhou, NL = US Art presents an in situ installation of Willem Besselink. The Non-Profit Project also represents a highlight with the police station ofMorgana Tschiember for the statement “YOUNG YOUNG” and the project “EP7, the digital and gourmet dance hall”. Let yourself be guided and enjoy this artistic walk under the glass roofs of the Temple Floor Tile.


From 18 to 21 October 2018

P/CAS  by YIA -Paris Contemporain Art Show

The Temple Floor

4, rue Eugène Spuller

75,003 Paris


Open on Thursday 18 October from 11.30 am to 10 pm (only by invitation)

Friday, October 19 from 12pm to 8pm

Saturday 20 October and Sunday 21 October from 11am to 7pm


15€ for admission, 8€ reduced rate

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