Renoir: A painting was stolen in Austria from Dorotheum


#VIENNE The Austrian capital hosts many artistic events at the end of each year, between November and December, including the “Vienna Art Week”. Many auction houses take advantage of this opportunity, just as in Paris during the FIAC or ParisPhoto, to organize prestigious sales and attract collectors from all over the world. One of them, Dorotheum, had widely reported that she would sell a Renoir canvas at auction and that she would be one of the emblematic pieces of the sale.

But on Monday, November 26th, a rather unusual “collectors” seized a Renoir “Gulf, Sea, Green Cliffs”, estimated at 120-160,000 euros in the Dorotheum auction room. Indeed, just before the sale, and while several buyers had already expressed their interest in the painting, during the traditional exhibition which is generally held a few days before the sale in order to allow as many people as possible to see and be known as bidders, the work was decadé and stolen without everyone’s knowledge. The sale of a Renoir never goes unnoticed, the paintings on the market are quite rare and the Dorotheum auction house had communicated around this key piece of the sale.

Dorotheum, victim of such an act for the first time, did not wish to communicate for the moment outside the announcement of the theft. Only the Viennese police gave some details, as the thieves had acted with their faces uncovered, and published the photos taken by the video surveillance cameras on the social networks, hoping to obtain information very quickly.




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