Self #02, The Yves Saint Laurent woman seen by Vanessa Beecroft

Self#02 Vanessa Beecroft pour Yves Saint Laurent

Self#02 Vanessa Beecroft pour Yves Saint Laurent

Self#02 Vanessa Beecroft pour Yves Saint Laurent
Self#02 Vanessa Beecroft pour Yves Saint Laurent

#MIAMI Anthony Vaccarello, the artistic director of the Yves Saint Laurent house, had announced it. Each major art event will see an iconography born from the collaboration between artists from all walks of life and the house, a temple of chic and elegant subversion. Anthony Vacarrello, with this artistic project SELF invites itself into the very closed circle of contemporary art and proposes to its ambassadors to deliver their vision of the Parisian fashion house.

Thus, during ParisPhoto, 77 nocturnal visions of Daido Moryiama were discovered in the gardens of the Palais Royal in Paris.

For SELF#02, the American Vanessa Beecroft proposed a photographic performance that sublimates the sculptural bodies of the Yves Saint Laurent models. Created during the spring/summer 2019 fashion show, Vanessa Beecroft had chosen to show the models on a veil of water illuminated by a sparkling Eiffel Tower. A lively and inspired look that illustrates an assumed femininity in a post-#Metoo climate. The series unveiled last week at Miami Art Basel is to be discovered until December 15 in the new design attraction District of Miami, the Garage Museum located on Lincoln Street and in Paradise Plaza


SELF#02 Vanessa Beecroft for Yves Saint Laurent

from 1 to 15 December 2018

Garage Museum Museum

Design District Lincoln Street

Miami, FL

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