“Christmas Wishlist” by Marlene Pegliasco

The Christmas holidays are fast approaching and as I have been very wise this year (!!!!!), I allowed myself to write my wish list to this dear Santa Claus

What gifts will be waiting at the foot of the tree? Verdict on the morning of December 25!


*The book on the essential couple of 20th century patrons

Villa Noailles in Hyères is not only a dynamic art centre that supports young creation through its many festivals and public commissions. It is also a magical place, a modern villa set on the ruins of the medieval castle, designed by a couple of avant-garde patrons: Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles. Designed in the minimalist style by Robert Mallet-Stevens, Villa Noailles housed May Ray; Sonia Delaunay, Luis Bunuel, Jean Cocteau, Paul Eluard… The commitment and support that Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles have given to these artists are transcribed in a very beautiful book co-edited by Villa Noailles, art centre and Bernard Chauveau Edition.

Alexandre Mare and Stéphane Boudin-LestienneCharles and Marie-Laure de Noailles, 20th century patrons. Co-edition Villa Noailles, art center and Bernard Chauveau edition, 336 pages, 400 photos, 52 euros.


*The Memoirs of an icon of America

Because yes, she has become an icon. Michelle Obama, wife of the first “black” president of the United States, active first lady, smiling, close to her people, is an intelligent, determined woman. Support of her husband, invested in humanitarian actions, loving mother of a family… Does Michelle Obama give herself completely in her autobiographical book?

Michelle Obama, Becometranslated from English by Odile Demange and Isabelle Taudière, Fayard, 4490 pp, 24,50€



*Fill up with magnesium

Oh, the chocolate! My sin! How can we not succumb to the fine wine bars, the little sweets spiced up with citrus fruits, the pucks, ganaches, beggars and milk chocolate lollipops of the artisanal chocolate factory Ma petite chocolaterie? In addition, for Christmas, Clément – the chocolate magician – prepared chocolate decorated balls for us! I’m not difficult, eh, any ballotin, tablet or creation will do the trick!!!!

My little chocolate factory16 rue de l’équerre 83000 Toulon



*2019 will be wonderful!

2019 announces happy professional projects and not to forget anything, I could write everything down in this very beautiful signed agenda Mr. Wonderful under the evocative title “The Thousand Billion Things I Will Do”. Accompanied by these stickers and post-it notes, this diary will accompany this new year with joy and enthusiasm. To be completed with two pens with positive messages.

Classic annual diary 19,95€, – Measurements: 17,6 x 21,3 x 2,4 cm.
Pages: 160. and the set of two pens, blue and black ink, 9,95 €. In stationery stores and on www.mrwonderfulshop.com


*A candle with gourmet scents

Candle Box is a family business manufacturing artisanal candles, established for ten years in Provence. Each candle is 100% French and natural, hand-cast and composed of vegetable soy wax and fragrances developed with a master perfumer from Grasse. Among the gourmet scents offered such as Provence honey, cinnamon soup, I fall for “bite of brioche” for a “soft and tender perfume of braided brioche”. What else? What else?

Candle Box, Vegetable candle scented with brioche scent, Vegetable candle scented 170g, 25h/30h of combustion. Hand cast product 100% French and natural

12€ for sale at Muse Collection, 15 rue Pierre Sémard, 83000 Toulon and on www.candlebox-provence.com/



*Modern fibula

Inspired by ancient fibulas, these pins are used to hold the ends of the clothes of our Greek, Etruscan and Celtic ancestors, this “J’adior” pin in aged metal with a golden finish is worn more like a brooch for a rock and offbeat look. But its heart of white crystals gives the so romantic touch will make all the blue flowers succumb.

Broche l’Amour Avenir, 10 cm, 270 euros in store and on www.dior.com



*I’m a dancer

Jan Fabre celebrates the brain, Christian Dior celebrates the body. Seeking who we are, in the depths of our being, in the depths of ourselves. Feeling light as a feather, twirling like a breeze, dancing life with this sublime nude color dress, floating, airy, to move forward with joy in life. A dress designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, signed Dior and from the spring-summer 2019 collection. Yes, Santa Claus, I was very, very wise in 2018…..


*Love drawing

I love the arts in all its forms. Painting, sculpture, photography, music, theatre… Yet, I readily admit a particular attraction for drawing, the basis of all arts, the fundamental and original trace of all forms of expression. And even if today, through my column on drawing, I like to talk to you about the current artists who are reinventing this medium, I keep a deep attachment to the art of the Italian Renaissance, to the Florentine Quattrocento and Cinquecento – do not forget that I am and remain an unconditional fan of Michelangelo. That being said, perhaps Santa Claus will go to the auction on December 14 at Drouot’s house, run by the Beaussant Lefèvre auction house? A sanguine after Raphël, a David and Goliath executed with feathers and washes and some drawings from the Flemish School executed in the “three colours” technique, for an auction estimated between 500 and 2000 euros. Santa Claus… can you hear me?

Public auction sale on Friday 14 December 2018 at 13:45, Drawings and paintings, ceramics, furniture and art objects, tapestries, Beaussant Lefèvre, Drouot Richelieu, 9 rue Drouot, 75009 Paris.




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