Riad Sattouf: finally volume 4 of “l’arabe du futur”


#BD We talked about it several times on Bubble, the album is in all the top sellers, the author omnipresent in the media and bookstores for a few weeks, but we could not ignore this 4th volume which marks a decisive turning point in the life of the young Riad Sattouf.

It’s hard to say more without falling into the spoilers, but clearly the series is going up a notch. You can read the chronicle of the first volume here to get an idea: With this book he not only enlightens the personal history of his childhood; he keeps a merciless lucidity, which allows him to leave this particular look to give a universal aspect to this history. An entry point to shed light on a broader, historical and cultural context, which is so relevant in this period…
An exhibition on Riad Sattouf’s career and work is on display in Paris until March 2019. This free exhibition at the BPI of the Centre Pompidou (a nod to the child who could only draw himself) is combined with a catalogue from the exhibition Riad Sattouf, L’écriture dessinée : an opportunity to discover the central place of reporting & autobiography and the full scope of his work.



The Arabic of Riad Sattouf’s future T4, Allary edition

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