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Do you want to put a comic strip under the tree for the youngest this year? (how else to do it )Follow the😉
guide and discover a selection of comics ideal to satisfy all types of readers and all budgets!

Shrimp, Elodie Shanta, Editions La Pastèque (👶from 7 years old)

Shrimp dreams of going to the witchcraft school, but she is failing the entrance exam. She will be able to count on the precious help of Gamelle, a very clever cat, and Joseph, a clumsy demon with a big heart, to succeed in fulfilling her wish through hard work! If the characters are whimsical and the context supernatural, the comic strip tells the story of real life, where dreams are a daily driving force, and where perseverance makes it possible to lift mountains, helped preciously by the people who love us. A comic strip that learns to grow through a story full of magic (literally), and carried by vivid line drawings, ideal for apprentice readers!


Rat and ugly animals, Sibylline, by Capucine & Jérôme d’Aviau, published by Delcourt ,from👶 7 years old

It is with great sweeps that Rat is one day driven out of his home, considered disgusting and harmful despite his devotion to the community. His sad wandering on the roads leads him to the Village des animaux moches, which is a little scary. There, he meets other sad animals, rejected because of their appearance: the slug, the dung beetle, or the anglerfish. Rat will have an idea: he will find them welcoming and tailor-made homes for each of them! A magnificent animal fable, which recalls some evidence of the beauty of the heart and body, and which floods with tenderness on every page. The illustrations recall the style of the engraving, and the black and white does not lack nuance or depth, while the lettering brings a certain nobility to the narrative. The book is carefully crafted, and seems to have been designed to be a tailor-made gift!


Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson, Complete, Out of collection ( from👶 7 years old)

For those who are not afraid to strengthen their arms, the complete Calvin and Hobbes set is the ideal intergenerational gift! A few years ago, Bill Watterson‘s cult work offered itself a box set containing all the adventures of the little boy with an overflowing imagination and his tiger, an accomplice both in stupidity and comfort. The strips resonate regardless of the age of the reader, thanks to the fantastic energy of his characters and the depth of his words.

Le détective du bizarre, Guillaume Bianco, Soleil, collection Métamorphoses ( from👶 9 years old)

His thing about Billy Brouillard is solving mysteries. Especially if they involve ghosts or any other supernatural entity. So when he finds himself foolishly (let’s say) freeing spirits with overpowering powers, this is another opportunity to go on an adventure! And readers are put to work with the magic magnifying glass, which reveals the creatures hidden in the boxes. The comic strip is as playful as it is entertaining, and quickly grabs the attention of its readers with its strange universe, punctuated by humour, and animated by characters with a strong character! The colour palette immerses you in a nocturnal atmosphere containing multiple secrets, and offers an exciting phantasmagorical break!


Lou! Lou! T. 8 On the road to new adventures, by Julien Neel, Glénat ( from👶 12 years old)

To all the people who grew up with Lou, this eighth volume closes the end of the first cycle. But it is not a question of saying goodbye, but rather of saying goodbye to a character who has grown up with his readers for nearly 14 years. The young woman Lou has become in this last volume is confronted with the concerns of a young adult, those of answering existential questions and finding meaning in her life when she becomes routine. So Lou goes on a journey, alone, and decides to take the big leap into the unknown, to open up to the world in order to better understand who he is. The charm of the timeless atmosphere (which will have contributed to the winning recipe of the series) still operates in this final volume, which leaves more room for the development of nature and the representation of large, exotic spaces.
It is advisable to have read the previous volumes to better grasp the history of this last volume, so why not start by offering the very first one?

Seuls, Intégrale cycle 1, Bruno Gazzotti & Fabien Vehlmann, Editions Dupuis ( from👶 12 years old)

Five young teenagers wake up one morning, and find that in the city, the adults have disappeared. Their priority will therefore be to organize themselves, protect themselves from the dangers they face, and try to understand the workings of this new life that is being imposed on them. A cult series where each volume is devoured with frenzy as the twists and turns are exciting, even frightening. If the drawings of the faces are childish, the atmosphere is sometimes very dark and violent, in the heart of an immense and overwhelming urban setting An essential part of teen libraries!


And of course, to be on time under the tree!

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