Kingdom, new opus by Yasuhisa Hara


#Manga Kingdom is one of the few blockbusters that had not yet been translated in France, despite its success in the archipelago.

With 52 volumes already published, this very popular series in Japan comes to us through a new publisher Meian, with the intention of catching up with the Japanese version at the rate of 4 volumes every 2 months.

A series of broad scope that becomes more dense and complex with the passing of the different narrative arcs, based on the wars between the different kingdoms of China before the advent of the Qin dynasty. A centuries-old war known as the Warring Kingdoms: a period of very elaborate battles, military and administrative innovations at a time when the Roman Empire was attacking the same thing in Europe.

Historical characters, landmark battles, giant plots, but also fiction through the fate of young Shin and his companions. If the manga starts a bit like a nekketsu (classic adventure manga canvas with its hero who wants to become the best/revenge, etc.) it tends towards more darkness and realism than the turbulent kids of the prologue.

If the drawings are not crazy, over the chapters we feel a beautiful evolution, especially on the staging and the choice of framing, and the whole tends to improve. The author having benefited from the advice of his most prestigious peers, and Hara’s style to assert itself: darker, denser, the universe is expanding to accompany this long short saga whose elements are quickly put in place. A lot of violence, fighting in the middle of all these historical incursions and flashbacks that ultimately give a manga composite and intriguing. We hope that a new success will begin in France too, but the start has been strong for the first two volumes. We believe in it.


Kingdom of Yasuhisa Hara, Meian edition

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