Charlotte Empress, Dark Intrigue in Mexico


#BD If you are a fan like me of Matthieu Bonhomme’s line and universes, good news, the designer is multiplying his happy collaborations. After a solo album on The Man Who Killed Lucky Luke, he and Fabien Nury published a fiction inspired by the life of Charlotte of Belgium, a princess who was at the centre of several great plots at the beginning of the 20th century.
The screenwriter of Once Upon a Time in France and The Death of Stalin is familiar with the dark intrigues that run in the broad lines of History, and this new series starts under the best auspices. The authors reveal the first years of the unlikely destiny of the woman who will become Empress of Mexico with all the grace of Matthieu Bonhomme’s trait. A rather classic design at first glance that reveals treasures of meticulousness and graphic discoveries. The Marquis d’Anaon‘s draftsman surprises us with his strong use of colour as an element of narrative or bold framing that gives the book a strong identity even before it has begun to be read.
Very beautiful boards full of tension and humour through the spicy dialogues that punctuate dramatic situations (Sisi Empress in scum mode of the beautiful districts is quite awesome.) As often, these powerful characters are puppets in the hands of people who are even more so. Charlotte and Ferdinand-Maximilien were to pay the price despite their royal and intellectual claims. The good idea is of course to have taken the decision to tell this historical period from the young woman’s point of view with all that it implies and to have made her a strong character through her weaknesses and her determination. We hope that the authors will put so much passion into the future, the wait is worth it.



Charlotte Empress Tome1 by Matthieu Bonhomme & Fabien Nury, Editions Dargaud

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