#BD release of Luz’s album “Indélébile”


A collection of memories, a declaration of love, cronyism, private jokes, an awakening to politics and reflections on drawing, ,Indelible owes as much to the ink that tattoos the artist’s fingers as to the memory of these great illustrators who died in January 2015. Luz chooses intimate moments with her friends, and leaves aside the tensions and crises that have been told and commented on by others. A book on the friendship and collective adventure of a newspaper that has become a reference for several generations of readers (and authors).
Charlie Hebdo’s former cartoonist tells his memories to the editor of the newspaper that occupied 23 years of his life. Having escaped the attacks that affected some of his friends (a terrible episode he mentions in a previous album Catharsis), he chose in this very funny and touching book of memories to look back at the Charlie period, his decisive encounter with Cabu or what could have been, should have been his last headline about Johnny.
Through her journey, her first attempts, her reports, her days as an editor, Luz brings us back to life moments, futile or powerful moments that allow us to glimpse the backstage of this disappeared world. Around the figure of Jean Cabu, mentor and friend, Luz learns the tricks of the trade, but also that of Gébé, always philosophical and spicy, his friendship with Charb, the escapades of Tignous… and it is at their side that he will become one of the greatest duck press cartoonists.
And drawing is discussed through dialogue or line, the pleasure of drawing or the quest for the “good” drawing. He tries several techniques, his caricatures become more precise to portray his friends or strong moments of the writing. Its elastic line changes, the color invites itself in front of the black & white or white on black and he alternates between thick drawings with a marker and details with a fine point. Always full of humour, absurd details, Luz’s style becomes more realistic for this album and alternates the first shots between chiadé portraits or personified movements.
More than 300 pages of humour and tenderness (amidst jokes of potachios and sexes drawn in all kinds of sauces, we reassure you) where Luz has found the right tone, the right drawing to summon all the feelings, the past and the present for one of the most beautiful books of the year.



Indelible from Luz, Futuropolis


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