#BD Yoshihihiro Tatsumi: Nothing will make the day come


Volume two of this Tatsumi anthology after This city will kill you in 2015. Jean-Louis Gauthey began publishing all his works after the publication of his beautiful autobiography Une Vie dans les marges. The mangaka is one of these guardian figures for several generations of authors, both for its intimate and realistic approach to Japanese society and for its graphic style. One of the founders of author’s manga, inventor of the Gekiga, a new form of fiction rooted in everyday life with a societal reflection, in reaction to the then fashionable “story manga” carried byTezuka.
Her work marks a key moment for the manga industry and if it is now recognized, it has taken a little time to emerge again. Planned in 5 volumes (minimum), this anthology in several volumes is intended to be the most complete and the most pointed on the author and this second volume confirms the very beautiful surprise of the first. The dark tone contrasts with the luminous drawings, the violence of the situations with the light staging. Through his drawings, his sense of staging, he succeeds in taking us on this exploration without artifice of stories that often end badly.
The publisher proposes a rapprochement with Balzac and his construction of his Human Comedy in preface, which Tatsumi maliciously approved. And the reading of these short stories, which address, in conservative Japan in the 60s and 80s, strong themes such as love rid of romance, non-idealized family life or delicate themes such as abortion, illness, suicide, debasing work… Short stories that question morality through engaging and very lively characters. The whole is striking and powerful, one discovers or rediscovers the work of one of the greatest mangakas who had a sharp look at his time. This rehabilitation work is coupled with exceptional work on the object, between the enhancement of the originals, the scans of old publications and the critical apparatus.
A nice job that compensates a little for the 4 years of waiting between the publication of these first 2 volumes of the anthology. Great readers of manga or graphic novels, lovers of committed stories, do not miss Tatsumi’s work.


Nothing will bring the day of Yoshihihiro Tatsumi, Cornelius Editions

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