#BD “Moi ce que j’aime c’est les monstres” by Emil Ferris


It was highly recommended to you under the xmas tree for your last-minute gifts: The most anticipated book of 2018 had arrived in the heart of summer under a shower of articles and much-deserved praise for its author Emil Ferris. So it’s unlikely you didn’t cross this electric blue blanket

No less than 9 major awards in the USA, including 3 Eisners (best album, best author, best colouring), we imagine that it will figure prominently in the selection of the 46th edition of the Angouleme Festival and at the top of the albums that can receive the Fauve d’Or (see the Fauve d’Or 2018). A double event in France, because this masterpiece is the first book by the American Emil Ferris and it is published by a publisher who is launching into comics after having released a few nuggets in the field of foreign literature. Mr. All SaintsThe opening takes care of her books and this beautiful edition highlights the work of the designer who uses ballpoint pens, pencils, markers on pages of spiral notebooks with drawn lines. The artifice of the reproduced diary allows the author to let Karen, the narrator, speak in the first person and to present this work as the notebook of a ten-year-old girl who was passionate about horror stories living in Chicago in the 1960s. A game of truth and fiction that continues in fiction through this multi-level investigation in pursuit of the murderer of the neighbour above. A learning novel, a sketched & annotated notebook about real monsters: humans, behind the masks of werewolves, ghosts and other ghouls

But monsters are not dangerous even if they are frightening, it is these villagers armed with torches who are afraid that are the real danger: from the advent of the Third Reich and the camps to the assassination of Martin Luther King, from trivialized racism to ordinary violence, this young girl’s daily life resonates around these contemporary and societal issues as much as her own exploration of self, sexuality, friendship, art…A world novel of more than 400 pages, touching and sincere, coupled with a rare graphic work that does not leave anyone indifferent. A graphic novel as we would like to read more often, first volume of a diptych whose second part is planned for the end of 2019 in VO. It is difficult to wait so long, fortunately you can read this first volume again and always find something new in it.


“Moi ce que j’aime c’est les monstres” Volume1

Emil Ferris at Monsieur Toussaint L’Ouverture

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