The Fondation des Treilles and its collection of artists’ books at the Ga.M


#TOULON Opened this summer in theRue des Artsin the historic centre of Toulon, the Galerie des Musées -Ga.M. – is an extension of the Musée d’Art, located at the exit of the Boulevard de Strasbourg, offering exhibitions dedicated to current and contemporary art. After welcoming the work of Julien Oppenheim during the Design Parade Toulon #3, the Ga.Until January 19, 2019, M presents, until January 19, 2019, about thirty works by rare artists, drawings and some sculptures from Anne Gruner Sclumberger’s collection and kept at the Fondation des Treilles, an artist‘s residence, a “meeting place where creators and researchers meet.An exhibition that allows visitors to discover artistic treasures from major artists of the 20th century.

Anne Gruber Schlumberger and 20th century artists

As a scientific and artistic residency, Anne Gruner Schlumberger‘s patronage allowed the production of original and singular works. Located in Tourtour, in the Haut-Var, the Fondation des Treilles is a private foundation, not open to visitors but which still receives residences. A unique place of creation, where the surrounding Var vegetation, mixed with vines and olive trees, meets the marble balls of Vassilakis Takis, the sheep of François-Xavier Lalanne and theCapricornin bronze by Max Ernst. The library holds the books of artists exhibited at the Ga.M, unique treasures that combine the talents of writers, poets and visual artists.

As we enter the exhibition, our eyes are drawn to Fernard Dubuis‘ strong colour schemes. Illustrating Jean Tardieu‘s collection of poems, each watercolour reveals intense nuances. They are composed of chromatic areas delimited by a white outline, creating a wonderful harmony or vibratory shock.

Printed in small numbers, theNotebooksof Georges Braque each have a different cover. The illustration ofThe order of birdsFernand Léger collaborated with Blaise Cendrars in a few post-war works whose style was inspired by the typographical codes of journalism. A style that evolves to give birth to its signature: a singular graphic line, thick shapes and joyful colours, wonderfully grouped together in the bookContrastsfrom 1959.

We know that the figures of the Centaur and the Minotaur were dear to Pablo Picasso. He continues to draw on the mythological repertoire toWomen and Fauna(1956). Executed in wash, the drawings testify to his graphic mastery of executing a subject in a few significant strokes. In another window, the drawings of Dorothea Tanning and her husband Max Ernst catch the visitor’s eye. Some knowledge of pataphysics will be required to decipher Max Ernst‘s surrealist sentences. The magnificent woodcuts, enhanced with watercolour, illustrate the bookThe Woes of the Immortalsof the poet Paul Eluard. Cold, enigmatic drawings, opposite to the curly line ofHenri Laurens. Sculptor, friend of George Braque, Henri Laurens owned a workshop in Paris near the Schlumberger house and the young Anne learned the basics of drawing with this master. For the bookThe Idyllsof Theocritus, he makes woodcuts and gouache drawings on large red flat surfaces to revive the iconography of red-figured vases from Greek antiquity. Because the Treilles combine contemporary and antique pieces, a modern bridge between two inseparable periods.

Inspirations from Var

The Fondation des Treilles was a place of inspiration and creation supported by a leading figure in the arts and research. The artist residencies continue the work of Anne Gruner Schlumberger (the photographer Sophie Zénon resided there before exhibiting at PhotoMed in 2017) and the Var region to attract artists who, like Max Ernst, will remain there permanently. Sculptures, drawings, video archives and literary works make up this rich and unique exhibition that should not be missed under any circumstances.


Until January 20, 2019

“Which Lustucru (Max Ernst)” The artists’ books of the Fondation des Treilles

22.24 rue Pierre Sémard

83000 Toulon

Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 12pm to 6pm

Free entrance

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