Liam Everett’s radical energy at the Kamel Mennour Gallery

#PARIS As fires ravaged California last fall, Liam Everett destroyed the artworks he was about to send to Paris for his third solo exhibition at Kamel Mennour.

A sense of urgency intimately linked to fear, to the forced confinement during this outburst of nature fuelled by violent winds, the surrounding distress… Everything then pushes Liam Everett, to make a clean slate of his practice and take new directions in his painting.

With “The Winds”, he confronts the radicality of destruction, where contemporary worlds confront those of the past, where the desire for life and death binds together for eternity. Because the winds, despite being a source of life and feelings or feelings of freedom, are at the origin of these gigantic fires that have claimed the lives of more than eighty people. And here is Liam Everett who, from the floor of the gallery, by applying his material and colours on his canvases dismantled like banners of freedom, : here is Liam Everett who invites us to be part of his work, us, a gaze invisible like the wind, to inject energy into his studio, and to project us towards a desirable future.


The Winds, Liam Everett
23 January-23 February
Kamel Mennour Gallery
6 rue du Pont de Lodi75006

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