“Otakus power” at the Perrotin Gallery

#PARIS In the infinite cacophony of words, images, sounds, graffiti to which we are subjected daily in metropolitan areas, Mr.’s whimsical strolls lead us into an acidic but ferocious universe. In the land of the Otakus, these boys and girls who devote a large part of their time to video games, animes and other mangas, Mr. invent a series of characters with colorful hair, a priori happy and mischievous.

Between ostentatious consumption and visual demands, they undergo permanent stimuli that lead them to a feeling of isolation. The stars that we think we can see in the pupils turn into sadness reflecting the collective hysteria of the show city. The graphic and powerful line, which reveals in the background, dirty or stained canvases, faces haloed with the tears of loneliness. Everything here reveals the duality between our inner world and the one we reveal to the outside.

The large canvases displayed in the two rooms confronted with the mirror-eyes of the distorted and isolated characters, symbol of the Otakus, are like real visual battlefields. We are plunged into an endless psychological crisis.

You can walk out of the stunned gallery, wondering if these are the works you just saw. Without a careful reading of these graphic tables, without letting oneself be caught up in the terrible loneliness of these smiling faces, one would miss a sharp criticism of the Otaku subculture.


Mr. “Mr.’s Melancholy Walk Around The Town”
19 January-9 March
Perrotin Gallery
76 rue de Turenne
75003 Paris

All artworks : ©2019 Mr./Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Courtesy of the artist & Perrotin





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