Riad Sattouf, the writing drawn!


#PARISRiad Sattouf, the author of Les Beaux Gosses, Les Carnets d’Esther and La Vie Secrète des Jeunes is in the spotlight at the Centre Pompidou library. An exhibition that brings together original plates, videos, interviews and allows us to access the rich universe of this designer but also director. We owe him a few good moments of laughter by sharing his humorous vision of the lives of Hervé and Camel, two ungrateful-looking teenagers on the left, overwhelmed by their impulses and obsessed with girls. The scenography is rich and blends the icons that inspired and participated in the construction of Riad Sattouf’s universe: Mel Gisbon “Mad Max” and Sylvester Stallone “Cobra” to develop the character of Pascal Brutal, Goldorak who will be at the origin of the Arab of the Future.

smArty offers you a little guided tour of “The Drawing Writing”.


Riad Sattouf, The writing Drawing

November 14 – March 10, 2019

Centre Pompidou Library

Free Admission

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