Sacred Women at the Belem Gallery

#PARIS The Galerie Belem (Albert Benamou-Barbara Lagié-Véronique Maxé), located in the paved courtyard of a building on rue Froissart in the heart of the Marais, offers a series of exhibitions on women artists, the first edition of which is dedicated to the “sacred”.

Until March 30th, Véronique Maxé and Barbara Lagié, the two curators, have selected pieces by female artists that echo old engravings and drawings. Thus, the dialogue around mythology and religion has opened up over the centuries. In the middle of the main room stands a white book set with a black star, carved in a block of carrara marble. The work is signed by Aidan Salakhova, against the canvases of his contemporary, the Iranian Nazanine Pouyandeh. His series of self-portraits plunges us into an ultra-coloured narrative figuration, with an assertive theatricality. It establishes an astonishing dialogue with precious iconic miniatures that give free rein to our imagination. Thus is written, or rather launched a feminine (feminist?) bridge between the times and the different media used by these artists who break codes and break the rules, the oppressive laws of religion. On the opposite wall, Almagul Menlibayeva’s photographs both intrigue and disturb. On the land burned by the sun on the steppes of Central Asia, the artist stages his almost divine characters and creates a strange visual harmony, a gentle poetic work that reinvents our relationship to the sacred.

But it is when we leave the Belem space that the emblematic figure of Hermine Hammam, who until now accompanied us from the corner of our eyes, develops all the power of his subject. The one who, during the 18 days of Egyptian spring, camped in Tarhir Square to collect the essence of the story on the march, inscribed women as a vector of the vulnerability of men in arms. This great female figure confronts us from entrance to exit with the eyes of these contemporary female artists and these ancient, Indian, Islamic works from the 16th to the 19th century.

A feminine and feminist exhibition, rooted in the contemporary world, which bridges the gap between tradition and mythological figures.


Sacred Women
23 February – 30 March

Belem Gallery

7 rue Froissart75003
(Fond de cour, code:B3745)

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