Robert Mapplethorpe, Tiger Lily Small

Tiger Lily (small), 1977 Vintage silver print Tirage 35 x 35 cm; montage 61,7 x 61,7 cm Edition of 3 Price : EUROS 20.000,00 (VAT excl.)

Tiger Lily (small), 1977 Vintage silver print Tirage 35 x 35 cm; montage 61,7 x 61,7 cm Edition of 3 Price : EUROS 20.000,00 (VAT excl.)

I get something out of flowers that other people don’t get…. I love the pictures of flowers more than I love real flowers


#PhotoCollection As a major artist of the second half of the 20th century, Robert Mapplethorpe tirelessly works on the theme of still life, making the sensuality of flowers his signature. The current retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum in New York is a unique opportunity to focus on the work of one of the greatest masters of photography who died just 30 years ago.

His approach is similar to that of the nude in that he regularly isolates suggestive parts to highlight them. The lily is one of the most widely used flowers in the artist’s production. It has such a singular and sexual character that Mapplethorpe has been able to highlight. This closed flower, suspended in a halo of light, testifies to an ardent and underlying delicacy at the same time.

More generally, Mapplethorpe’s work is distinguished by its audacity, not hesitating to display sexuality from all angles but defending an aesthetic of a return to the ancient. He is the spokesperson for an underground gay New York generation in the grip of AIDS. Mapplethorpe’s hectic life, accompanied by Patti Smith and surrounded by the greatest names such as Warhol and the Factory, has formed a world of creativity and freedom that is still sought after today.

The international recognition of such an artist is well established and recent auction results show increased confidence in this artist. Mapplethorpe is one of the largest private and institutional art collections.

Tiger Lily Small (1977) in edition of 3 is included in the prestigious collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and J. Paul Getty.


Condition: Vintage silver print, mounted to its original passe partout. Signed, dated and numbered 3/3 in pencil in the lower margin. On the reverse, titled in pencil. Matted and framed. This silver print is in excellent condition.

Gérôme Saint-Germain for 28 vignon Street


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