Festival VideoFormes : Days After Days by Agnès Guillaume

#Clermont-Ferrand Initially a Video Art Festival, VideoFormes, which this Thursday launches its 34th edition in Clermont Ferrand in the heart of France, has over the years opened up to other practices and is now the first digital art festival in Europe. During 4 days entirely dedicated to the digital creation (and 15 days of public exhibitions), the festival is structured around exhibitions and an artist’s residence with Agnès Guillaume as the guest this year.
We had crossed paths with this artist last year, in a Paris that celebrates Digital Arts at the museum with a beautiful exhibition dedicated in the Grand Palais. Galleries too responded to this proposal with a very diverse offer, including the Gallery W where we discovered a sensitive work by Agnès Guillaume that resonated with our intimacy.
The device she proposes here for VideoFormes continues her artistic approach started several years ago and immerses us in this poetic universe that seduced us last spring: “Days after days” is an installation of 6 screens in which 6 very short videos are broadcast that dialogue with each other, even though they are totally autonomous from each other. No staging, the people here indulge themselves totally, as in the portraits of German objective photography artists, so the viewer is not part of a narrative but of a plastic, visual and sound language. And we become actors in the installation, rocked by the rhythm of music and silences, guided by a voice, that of the artist. From her past life as a musician, Agnès Guillaume has integrated the evocative power of the rhythm of the music and the syncope of the silences. Her piece discovered at Gallery W had confronted us with our deafening interiority, here it liberates our mind and we enter a state close to spiritual meditation, leaving behind us, during this short digital breath, the agitation of the world.
Days after Days©Agnès Guillaume, photos ©John Sanborn
March 14 to 17
Exhibition from 15 to 30 March through the city
Chapel of the Oratory
14, rue de l’Oratoire
Free access
1pm-7pm (Tuesday to Saturday) 2pm-6pm (Sunday)

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