R.Crumb: Kultur Klashes and Pulp Fiction

#NEW YORK The David Zwirner Gallery, New York’s mastodon of contemporary art, offers an exceptional double exhibition in its Chelsea space. On the one hand, the exhibition “The Young and The Devil” whose title is inspired by the eponymous collaborative novel by poet Charles Henri Ford and art critic Parker Tyler: an experimental fantasy of two homosexual characters wandering in New York’s underground gay scene.

But it’s above all the incredible hanging dedicated to the work of Robert Crumb that has attracted attention and attracted thousands of fans since its inauguration. The exhibition, designed by Robert Storr, examines the spirit, production and consistent career of the Pulp master. This is an opportunity for enthusiasts to discover original and unpublished original plates directly from publications where the works appeared for the first time. Beyond shedding light on Crumb’s practice, the exhibition also presents a selection of rare sketchbooks and original drawings by the artist who immerses us in his universe, his humour, and an intense documentary guides us in understanding his mental space.The selection covers Crumb’s entire career and includes many pages of his comics, magazine and album covers, tabloid publications from the 60’s and 70’s of San Francisco, Oakland, Lower East Side of Manhattan, all counterculture enclaves.

R. CrumbDrawing
for Print: Mind Fucks, Kultur Klashes, Pulp Fiction & Pulp Fact by the Illustrious R. Crumb
21 February – 13 April
519 W 19th street
Chelsea, New York

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