Lupus, the complete Frederik Peeters


When Thomas has to talk about a moving love story, he doesn’t hesitate for a second and takes out the one about Lupus. Bubble’s editorial writer had a real crush on Frederik Peeters’ work (at Atrabile’s.) “The cartoonist had just published Blue Pills, a diary of his relationship with his partner suffering from AIDS and their thoughts and doubts that go beyond the apriori and barriers usually associated with this virus, without pathos and with great grace. With Lupus, he goes even further into intimacy and autobiography under the guise of fiction this time. Under the guise of fiction lies a striking autobiography in which the Swiss author confides without restraint. He exposes his most intimate secrets and his most powerful moments of love, ups and downs.

This romance takes place in an original setting. The protagonists are immersed in a world of science fiction where ships, alien creatures and robots make up the environment. This surprising world does not take anything away from the emotion and depth of the work. Peeters sublimates love through drawings. “ Un a thrown line, improvised at the beginning, which is refined as the pages go by. His particular attention to the movements and representation of bodies extremely convincing in the background is a graphic novel that takes on the appearance of a sketchbook taken from the lively distilled in this SF setting. And if the plates present very contemplative daily scenes, the artist systematically juxtaposes them with cosmic explosions: very graphic creatures and sets with infinite spirals and volutes.”

Through this aesthetically very detailed notebook, Peeters constantly urges the reader to question himself about love and its different forms “ Si we have the vessels, the extraterrestrial creatures and the robots, we especially have a story about friendship and love, about filiation and fatherhood, about the passage to adulthood and the links with childhood. It’s a double love story, without too many spoilers I can reveal that Sanaaa Lupus’ new girlfriend gets pregnant and the relationship to fatherhood takes a very important place in their story. It is a series about the relationship to time, about the escape of the possible and the disillusionment of youth (which is quite comical in a science fiction album where the boundaries of the possible are considerably pushed back in relation to ours).”


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