A very cheerful springtime of drawing!


#PARIS From now on, it is a ritual: at the end of March, the French capital invites amateurs and collectors of drawings to discover masterpieces of ancient and modern art. Three events – the Salon du dessin, Drawing Now Art Fair and DDessin – three different atmospheres but always the same requirement: to offer quality sheets and to discover exceptional artists.

At the Brongniart Palace the masterpieces pile up around the 39 galleries for the Salon du Dessin. Italian schools (study of Gaetano Gandolfi’s heads by Maurizio Nobile, Giacinto Calandrucci’s La Charité Romaine at Galerie Tarantino or Le Guerchin, present on many stands and whose Arnoldi Livia Gallery had a composition representing Circé), Spanish masters with this Allegory to Hercules by Vicente López Portaña at De La Mano. The French school was also well represented with François Boucher, Hubert Robert or Charles de La Fosse. The Study of the character seated at Talarbardon & Gautier is carried out using the so-called three-colour technique, mixing black stone, white chalk and sanguine, also visible on Claude Mellan’s subtle Portrait of M. Creil on the stand of Galerie De Bayser. Among the modern ones, the Hélène Bailly and Zlovoski galleries delight us with a qualitative and precious selection (Francis Picabia’s Tête de jeune femme, Hans Hartung’s PM1961-65). Elegant, refined designs where a study, a restrained gesture or the expression of a masterful art are revealed. Unique pieces such as this magnificent drawing by Francis Picabia, Transparency, presented at the Antoine Laurentin Gallery (and acquired quickly after the opening of the show). Once again, the Salon du Dessin is a vibrant tribute to this delicate art and a beautiful exploration of this medium from the 17th to the 20th century.

Under the glass roof of the Temple Floor was standing Drawing Now Art Fair. The first contemporary drawing salon. 71 galleries, 15 nationalities for a multiple vision of the possibilities of contemporary drawing. In addition to the performances drawn by artists Marianne Mispelaëre, Benjamin Hochart or Michail Michailov and artist interviews or discussions between specialists, we find quality works at affordable prices for those who would like to collect this sensitive medium marked by a very real technique and virtuosity. Some favorites for the work of the English duo Hipkiss at Gallery C, the volume of the paper with Pablo Arrazola at the Colombian gallery Adrian Ibanez Galeria, the support as a scalped and punched work at Katharina Hinsberg’s Gallery Werner Klein, Léa Belloussovitch and her muffled work at Galerie Martin Mertens, a vegetable and poetic immersion by Raphaëlle Peria at the Galerie Papillon. Finally, the visitor would be wrong to deprive himself of the visit of the lower Insight and Process spaces, where the galleries offer us the opportunity to (re)discover innovative artists. These include the works of Jeffry Mitchell at the PDX Contemporary Art, the delicate and sincere work of Irene Gonzales at the Galeria Silvestre, the spectacular installation of Anais Lelièvre at the Galerie La Ferronnerie Brigitte Négrier and the chromatic variations of Dan Stockholm at Reiter. A 13th edition that is both abundant and successful.

Emerging scenes and intimate environment at the Richelieu Workshop this is the vocation of DDessin Paris a modern curiosity firm. The visitor walks through the open stands of the 21 galleries present and easily comes into contact with the artists and their creations. A talent discoverer, the 2019 DDessin Prize and the Nursery are an opportunity for an artist to be spotted by a gallery owner. Some discoveries: the vibrant work of Agathe Toman, the pure and sensitive graphic duo of Michel Soudée & Emilie Sévère, the chromatic strength of Caroline Denervaud presented by the Double V Gallery or Anne-Sophie Viallon’s poetry at Moving-Art. Finally, we would like to highlight the charitable exhibition of drawings by artists who exhibit or have already been exhibited at previous editions of DDessin, the proceeds of which will go to Cetasea, an association for the protection of marine mammals sponsored by actor Jean-Marc Barr.

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