“Life and Death of Mar-Vell” the first Captain Marvel


In 1967, Stan Lee & Gene Colan created an alien superhero, Captain Kree, who turned against his people and began protecting the earth instead of spying on it for invasion. Designed at the request of their publisher, Martin Goodman, to secure Marvel’s name with an eponymous hero when Fawcett Comics uses characters named Marvel Boy & Captain Marvel, Goodman will buy the name and Captain Marvel from Fawcett will be renamed Shazam and then continue his career at DC Comics (a film about this character will be released in April).

It was with Roy Thomas & Gil Kane, in 1969, that the hero hooked the readers with a character with new powers who needed a human, Rick Jones, to exist in our reality on the same model as Thor. The bracelets that allow him to get out of the negative zone and exchange with his partner and a red & blue suit in place of green and white that will give him a different aura. The character lives until the arrival of Jim Starlin, future creator of Thanos, who will stage him in his fight against cancer. Marvel’s first graphic novel and especially one of the first times a hero dies permanently.

* Mar-Vell officially returns in 2012 under the leadership of Rick Remender.


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