“Carole Danvers of Ms. Marvel forgotten”


Several characters bear this name after this episode, but it will be Carole Danvers who will make the best use of it. In 1977, the House of Ideas launched Ms. Marvel, a new title written by Gerry Conway & Carla Conway that rehabilitates Carole Danvers already present as an intelligence officer & former US Air Force, investigating Mar-Vell. Contaminated by DNA Kree, she developed her powers and became Ms. Marvel, in the civil sector Carole D. became editor of a women’s magazine affiliated with the Daily Bugle where she met Peter Parker. With a desire to focus on this feminist heroine, the character is launched. The character passes into the hands of Chris Claremont who will dig into the character and his past. Having developed her powers and shown an extraordinary power, she joined the Avengers and the title passed into the hands of other authors. David Michelinie creates an unhealthy bow where she gets pregnant in an accelerated way with an avatar of Kang, the enemy of the Avengers who travels through time, and manipulates her to create another version of himself. This controversial scenario will be “ rattrapé ” by Chris Claremont who returns to the character and explains that Carole Danvers lost her powers and memory during a fight against Malicia and integrates her into the X-Men.


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