A drawing… A line! Meeting with Claire Morgan


Sculptor, painter and draughtswoman: Irish artist Claire Morgan draws her inspiration from life and nature. She experiences the world through organic installations. As for animals, they populate his creations to change human behaviour towards nature. His energetic line and the intense use of coloured pigments were rewarded on March 28th with the 12th Daniel and Florence Guerlain Foundation Drawing Prize.

Marlene Pegliasco: How did your design evolve? From fairly defined forms to more moving and dynamic ones?

Claire Morgan: In the Faculty of Arts, we have all been pushed to work conceptually, to the detriment of any practice. I felt that I really had to fight to do physical things that were not purely conceptual, and in this context, presenting drawings would have been impossible. They would have been ignored. I put some small preparatory sketches for installations and rediscovered that I liked to draw. Then it stopped. My current drawing practice began to evolve when I started doing taxidermy. I was and still am deeply moved by manipulating the bodies of dead beings. At first, my drawings were quite closely related to my sculptural works, acting as another direction to tease a certain idea or formal concern. My drawings began by being very controlled, planned, like my sculpture, but over time, as I became more deeply involved in different media, it really evolved into something completely different.

Over the years, this necessity has evolved into a deep fascination for the physiognomy of animal bodies, and what vital sense is retained in the dead body and what remains elusive. This has led directly to my current practice of drawing. I was interested in meditation, my repetitive processes being in a way meditative. Over time, and as I have practiced meditation and other ways of exploring the nature of consciousness, this has changed. In fact, my current practice of drawing, which includes very carefully thought-out, fast and spontaneous decisions and movements, allows me to participate much more deeply in the present moment and in the nature of reality. I have always been fascinated by the conflict between control and the unknown, in every sense of the word. In my work, this often manifests itself in a formal way, in the relationships between defined forms and more amorphous and dynamic presences, and especially in the implicit boundaries between these states and the places where they dissolve.

Marlene Pegliasco: What is the role of drawing in your overall creation?

Claire Morgan: This is an absolutely fundamental element of my practice. I use drawing to think. If I forget to draw, I get stuck and I can only get out if I draw again. It doesn’t happen with anything else. My sculpture is so mastered that the drawing comes from elsewhere. The two are linked and one acts like a leaf to the other.



Nature, Life, Human

29/03/19 – 07/07/19,


Busan 1191 Nakdongnam-ro, Hadan 2(i)-dong,

Saha-gu, Busan, South Korea


| As I Live and Breathe

18/05/19 – 04/05/20,

Horniman Museum,

100 London Road, Forest Hill, London SE23 3PQ


Biennial Ephemeral 06/07/19 – 30/09/19

Monbazillac Castle

Le bourg 24240 Monbazillac France

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