“Errance” by Inio Asano


#BD For the fans of Good Night Punpun, this is very, very good news, for the others it is the opportunity to start in the universe of Inio Asano, with two series easier to access than the previous ones, a universe a little apart in that of the manga. A one-shot, which is accompanied by the increased reissue of Solanin, the founding work of his work which can be read as a “ avant ” Errance: the characters are looking for each other and decide what their lives will or can be like versus the tired mangaka who wonders if what he does – and manga in general – has a meaning….
Solanin’s young couple can be seen as the prefiguration of the couple that tears itself apart passively in Errance, the young Taneda who dreams of being an illustrator as a youth figure of a Kaoru mired in his mangaka routine that no longer creates for pleasure.

Without idealizing or caricaturing in Errance, Inio Asano staged the daily life of an author and his assistants who, without being a star or a stranger, struggled to exist, to respond to the requests of his publisher, to make his boards on time, to sequence the series in a reality that resembled more the work of a chain than the creation, seen in a romantic way. A work about the backstage of creation, then, but also about the life of an author at a particular moment: that of the loss of inspiration, the loss of desire.

If there are many mangas that talk about mangas, Bakuman in the lead, there are few that talk about absence, about depression ( Journal of a depression by Hideo Azuma or The Man Without Talent of Yoshiharu Tsuge evoked these themes). Asano delivers here a semi-autobiographical story to the subjects & to the very strong reflections on the utility of creation and the way of thinking stories, which gives keys of understanding on all his work.

Like his previous mangas, Inio Asano exudes a melancholic atmosphere and draws several scenes that make you very uncomfortable. As usual, he crossed certain boundaries to stage the discomfort and loss of reference points of his character, a forty-year-old man whose couple was in trouble, who began to date young prostitutes.

The mangaka digs its graphic approach of a seductive drawing, which sticks to the stereotypes of a pretty manga, but superficial to embark its readers in its raw, gloomy and gut-wrenching stories. An ultra-realistic drawing, in his style where Inio Asano works from photos to compose his sets to which he adds very elaborate characters for a very aesthetic final rendering.

A work reserved for a very informed audience: not so much for its nude scenes as for the cruelty and violence that emerge from certain passages. Behind this threshold, informed readers will find one of the strongest manga of recent years on the awareness of the emptiness of existence, the creation and strangeness of non-reciprocal love feeling.


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