P.T.S.S.D. by Guillaume Singelin


#BD Much awaited by fans, this ambitious project was promoted through images posted on social networks and a joint release of the album in English and French. One of the leading designers of the 619 label with Run, Mathieu Bablet & Florent Maudoux: Guillaume Singelin finds a singular voice with P.T.S.D. An album on post-traumatic stress disorder for soldiers who struggle to reintegrate into society after living in war zones. A psychological disorder in which the soldier who has returned to civilian life relives one or more traumatic episodes in the form of nightmares or flashbacks. A suffering that was highlighted during the Vietnam War and staged in many American films, the most famous of which is Rambo 1.

For Jun, a former sniper who has become homeless, survival depends on pills, drugs sold on the sly that allow her to cope with her nightmares. She had trouble paying for this necessary drug and discovered that a network of dealers was taking advantage of former soldiers stranded in this Southeast Asian city. A fantasized vision of Tokyo that also invokes the suburbs of Jakarta or Manila.

In this lively city, Jun is suspicious and lonely, starting a crusade against drug traffickers and hurting other ex-soldiers who are paying the price.

Between past and present, the whole album explores the theme of trust and relationship with the other, avoiding pathos. Whether through emphatic characters like Leona & Bao or through pet therapy with the dog Red, Jun finds human reflexes after living in an almost wild state in the middle of the city.

The watercolours and the colouring of the album give a very joyful side to this album which opens in a very dark way. With a drawing and a cutting that borrow from comics and mangas, the book stands out quite a lot from the current production, joining the tone and the precise theme very well told & documented through fiction. Very rich, Guillaume Singelin’s boards create an atmosphere and a harmonious universe with intense and more violent passages. A back and forth that allows the designer’s fairly free graphics that alternate the lightness of the line and the hardness of the subjects treated with great depth.

A convincing one-shot that tackles sensitive themes without filters or taboos carried by a great freedom of drawing. As unexpected in its form as it is relevant in substance, one of the beautiful nuggets of the beginning of the year.


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