“Cinema in Freedom”: 8th edition of the short film festival!


#TOULON From May 31 to June 2, the 8th edition of the International Short Film Festival will take place“Cinema in Freedom”on the premises of the Royal Tower as well as at the Le Royal cinema in Toulon. Supported by the association “Au cœur des Arts”, the festival presents each year short films from various countries responding to a variety of themes. A talented and creative discoverer, the festival aims to promote film creation in the Var, raise awareness of the 7th art among a wide audience and create interactions between the public and film professionals through round tables, meetings and exhibitions. Lisa Fardelli, founder of this festival, tells us about this 2019 edition.

Marlène Pegliasco: Lisa, what do you expect from the 2019 edition?

Lisa Fardelli: From the first edition, we wanted a real opening on the world and that the notions of sharing and mutual aid become the key words of the event, all in an atypical environment. Being located at the Royal Tower is magical. The place is superb, full of history, with the chance to see a magnificent sunset over the panorama while enjoying screenings by young filmmakers under the stars. An unconventional framework as well as the detailed selection projected each year. This year, we are presenting about twenty different international short films from among 300 proposals, often unpublished, from 13 nationalities. We find several themes that offer a global vision of our world with its weaknesses, strengths, curiosities… Some topics are funny, others more difficult. The programming, striking and heterogeneous, must surprise the audience and touch them in its sensitivity. Finally, with its multidisciplinary approach, Cinéma en Liberté takes a holistic approach to cinema through round tables and meetings, but also in a transversal way through Vincent and Roger Boubenec‘s exhibition entitled “Les visages du cinéma.

Marlène Pegliasco: Why did you choose director Caroline Deruas as the patron of this 8th edition?

Lisa Fardelli: Caroline Deruas was born in Cannes and was immersed in the world of film. Her many hats – actress, director, scriptwriter and scriptwriter – allow her to understand the short film in its entirety. She is a great strength and her remarkable eye makes her a great godmother.

Marlène Pegliasco: What did the new partnerships bring to the festival?

Lisa Fardelli: Weaving partnerships means making new connections not only to promote the festival but also to discover original cultural proposals, and I am delighted with the commitment of TPM’s École Supérieure d’Art et de Design to create the festival’s prizes. Showcasing Toulon artists – Adrien Porcu and Maurëen Tomio – is also a commitment of the festival to the promotion of local talents. As for the Cinéma Le Royal, it welcomes us for the closing session on Sunday, June 2. It is there that the jury, composed of Luc Benito, Nicolas Paban and Michel Sajn, will award its prize and Caroline Deruas, its prize of choice. We are also planning a special session with Eva Brucato from the Royal retracing the best short films since the festival’s inception. We are also involved with him on the short film festival. Finally, we have also established links with local small dark rooms: the Six n’étoiles cinemas in Six-Fours-les-Plages and Henri Verneuil in Valletta broadcast the teaser of the event directed by director Nicolas Paban, who won an award last year. In the latter, we are also considering an additional winter screening with Luc Bénito. We are delighted with this distribution of short films in the Var region and we look forward to sharing these three days of film sharing.


8th edition of the International Short Film Festival Cinéma en Liberté

From May 31 to June 02, 2019

Tour Royale, Avenue de la Tour Royale

Cinéma Le Royal, 2 Rue du Dr Jean Bertholet

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