Awakening of Taiyou Matsumoto


#BD Taiyou Matsumoto’s work is unlike any other. With each new series, he manages to surprise and confuse his reader while remaining in a vein he has been digging over the years. Mangaka was honoured at the last Angoulême comic strip festival, and his work has been re-released several times in recent months: Amer Beton & Ping Pong at Delcourt/Tonkam, Number 5 at Kana. But also publications in French of his unpublished works: Zero by Pika, Le Rêve de mon père & Éveil by Kana and his latest novelty Les Chats du Louvre by Futuropolis. A busy schedule that allows to discover or rediscover his work as well as some nuggets unknown in France like this album.

Published in large cardboard format, with a French sense of reading, with an original cover and redrawn plates, Kana highlighted this fantastic and highly visual tale that has a special place in the bibliography of mangaka. Intended to be a support for a play, Matsumoto has redesigned it to make it an original narrative, a work of departure different from his mangas that will give a different rhythm and tone, more evanescent and distant than usual, but which goes in harmony with the story.

In a possible future, a world that is being rebuilt after a disaster, an animist people is organizing itself around ritual festivals to obtain the blessing of the spirits. Two clans, dancers and sculptors, divide this society back to the early days, where shamanism has regained a primordial place. Two brothers are competing for power, symbolizing the struggle between dancers and sculptors, art and crafts, interpretation and creation.

Very graphic and less talkative than in its other series, this short story gives pride of place to drawing. He adds a lot of details, hatching and takes care of his sets with a work on light and blacks denser than usual. It can also be seen as a tribute to one of his great masters Moebius (already present in Number 5) through his variations in style and his mystical and symbolic compositions that run through the work.

The entire album is a visual stroll through these imaginary traditions and rituals, the pleasure of the book is in reading and re-reading the images. If the transmission and difficulty of the transfer of knowledge are at the heart of this history rooted in a culture of orality, the whole story is an invitation to contemplation. A cyclical tale that invites the reader to let himself be carried away by this awakened dream.

Thomas Mourier

Taiyou Awakening Matsumoto, Kana


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