Tom Tirabosco’s wild woman


#BD A strange fable that resonates with current events, Femme sauvage looks at several phenomena that are very present in the media, the relationship of the individual to the state & deprivations of freedom, the possible end of the world & survival or even modernity & the desire to reconnect with nature. Through the rebellion of this young woman who decided to rally the mountains from the Yukon to Canada because the civil war is raging in the United States. A difficult journey that she will follow with her copy of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, the great thinker of nature and civil disobedience of the 20th century.

A story of anticipation that starts like an escape, and that will lead the heroine to discover herself, to rethink her relationship to the world in the middle of the woods. She manages to survive, takes her habits (we think of Jon Krakauer’s contemporary novels Into the wild or Celine Minard’s Grand Jeu) but the forest is not a safe place and very quickly she sinks further to escape her fellow human beings. Human danger, drones, bears, nightmares, loneliness will be his daily life until he meets a figure that seems to have lived in the forest for a very long time. We won’t say any more so that you can meet yourself…

The drawing with greasy pencils and charcoals offers a particular atmosphere to the story. This absence of a ring allows the designer to create superimposition effects or dreamlike plates only by varying his line. The black & white and this choice of a thick line leave room for imagination and the whole album, interspersed with visions, is an invitation to reverie. The book is dense but not very talkative, nature and its inhabitants occupy a large place and some passages are contemplative and the plates invite you to take a stroll by their choice of frames.

This new book can be compared to a precedent made with the scriptwriter Pierre Wazem, la fin du monde, who was also interested in the fate of a young woman struggling for her survival. In a world that she discovers as she goes along and that hides far more than we think. A fantastic intimist in both cases, with for Wild Woman a reflection on the present from this committed author and a glimmer of hope in this dystopic universe.

Thomas Mourier

Wild Woman by Tom Tirabosco, Futuropolis Publishing

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