A drawing… A line! Raoul Dufy draws the south


#DRAWING He is considered as the painter of joy. His colourful works have found their sources of inspiration in the light and atmosphere of the South of France Raoul Dufy (1877-1953)stayed there regularly during his life, from Martigues in Vence, via Hyères and Marseille. The landscapes, traditions and popular Mediterranean festivals were immortalized in drawings, exhibited until 1er september 2019 to the Mougins Museum of Classical Art.

Because it is true that drawing occupies an essential place in the work of Raoul Dufy. Throughout his life he used different techniques, mixing his graphic talent with the colorist that he is. Watercolour, gouache, pencil, ink: capture the song of life, sounds, smells and atmospheres with graphic tools that offer more freedom of execution, its line shows the brightness and festive energy of the environment Raoul Dufy instinctively grasps his subject. His drawing reveals the essential patterns that reflect the surrounding environment. In ” In “.Nice Carnival ” Carnival, Dufy builds space by a colourful gradation; then the energetic features bring a trivial as well as a compositional rhythm. Sometimes it only takes a little: in “The artist’s studio in Vence”the red predominates a rather simple and orderly composition at least.However, some of the exercises drawn show us the attention to detail:”Port of Marseille ” Port of Marseille is not a simple sketch but a real composition of characteristic elements of the Marseille landscape. As well as the “Fish Market Place Saint-François in Nice” The ink work is rigorous, the architecture is sequenced, the details analyzed and the silhouettes are detached enough to let real life enter.

Dufy is a multidisciplinary artist painter, draftsman but also book illustrator, engraver, tapestry designer and decorator(the ancestor of our current interior designers) Raoul Dufy has always been inspired by popular bundles, festivities, joyful life. Considered a fauvist in his early days, he was influenced by Cézanne and makes his drawing more flexible. His practice reveals a mastery of watercolour and Chinese ink, guaranteeing expressively coloured flat tints, noting a sharp but certain gestural style. The hand obeys a gaze that knows how to pierce the essential, where apparent simplicity is not an economy of means, but simply a light vision of the show that is offered to the artist. It is also to avoid that the details suffocate the subject, details that blend into colored lines in “The Martigues” to capture only the light and colors of a revered south. A few sharp lines to guess the linen and balconies of this “Rue de Nice” and already the Mediterranean atmosphere is emerging from this leaf. Because drawing the south is not just about transposing colours onto paper. It is to feel a particular atmosphere, a taste for the territory, a spirit stirred by the curious spirit of a painter who loved to travel and was passionate about life.

Until September 1, 2019

Raoul Dufy draws the south

Museum of Classical Art of Mougins

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