Sculptures “Supernature” by Pablo Reinoso at the Polygone-Riviera


#NICE These are those moments when everyday objects escape from space, underline it or upset it, take on a function other than that assigned to them or transform it for another destiny. Moments when the object and nature merge or stretch for the unusual appearance of a work of art.From nature to the supernatural, is there only the gesture of the artist? It is he who, here, sets up this thwarted time between the agitation of a place and the rest, the contemplation to which the walker aspires. The bench is this functional object that has become for Pablo Reinoso an emblematic form. It is intended to welcome the body’s rest, its daydreams. But it continues with growths wrapped around them as if they were coming out of the ground or flying away with aerial vines. The dream is thus made of an anxious interiority and an aspiration to a happy solar elevation.

Painted steel sculptures, if they often develop from the frame of the bench, can take on other forms always in relation to nature as in “The Thing”, an arachnid work, emerging from the ground in the trouble of blossoming full and empty. The sculpture becomes vegetal, enigmatic. She breathes and finds her autonomy in the imagination of the passer-by and through the choreography she deploys in her scarves of light and the place where she rests. Elsewhere, on a body of water, “Talk” is this conversation between steel, water and the sky. She engages in the exchange, the unknown of words and things.

Essentially minimalist, the work of the Franco-Argentine artist encourages us to contemplate. But above all, it imposes its intimate life made of volutes and curls that widen the object to other possible ones, project it towards the infinity of space. Where are the traces of nature, the multitude of consumer objects? Where are we in all this? The work of art is always an answer to our wandering thoughts. Pablo Reinoso confides in us in the living matter of his sculptures.

From June 19 to October 17

Pablo Reinos, Supernature

Riviera Polygon


Michel Gathier

With a literary background, Michel Gathier developed a passion for art very early, particularly during long stays abroad. He has contributed to the magazine “L’art vivant” and now...

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