Claudia Cardinale: Lace and falbala at Sotheby’s


#PARIS As announced a few weeks ago, the Parisian house is offering an exceptional sale, that of Claudia Cardinale’s wardrobe. Between cocktail dresses and sublime chic and vaporous outfits, the scenography invites you to travel through time and the hybridization of materials and styles. Each piece, each model, almost unique and specially designed for the heroine of “Once upon a time in the West”, tells a certain story of cinema. So this ultra naughty and colourful little dress that caused a sensation during the premiere at Balzac des Pétroleuses. Claudia Cardinale tells us the scene of their arrival, when she walks through the doors of the cinema, on the arm of a male Brigitte Bardot strapped in an ultra-stringent grey suit… The All-Paris has the breath taken away from so much daring and casualness of these two international stars who shatter the codes with three pieces of silk.

A little further on, it is a superb cocktail dress all in black tulle that curves the waist and admirably emphasizes, through a play of ribbon, the shoulders free of any obstacle, a dress that she will wear for the first time at the Venice Mostra on the evening of the presentation of “Rocco and her brothers” in 1960 and that will always prove to be as modern in 1980 for an evening in honour of Visconti.


The auction is yours. The sale will be held on Thursday the 4th at 76 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoréthe exhibition of dresses and personal effects is open to the public until Thursday at 2:00 pm.



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