Ode to Freedom, freedom darling


#NICE Confining oneself in an illustrative approach despite the variety of approaches and forms that it can take remains the risk of any thematic exhibition. Very often images and genres are juxtaposed or overlapped in relative cohesion without a real analysis of the theme addressed and the forms it implies. The success of this exhibition is therefore due to the fact that it is not based on celebration as the title “Liberty, freedom cherished” might suggest

In the preamble Simone Dibo-Cohen, Commissioner and President of the Mediterranean Union for Modern Art, quotes Paul Valéry:

“Freedom is one of those detestable words that have more value than meaning, that sing more than they speak, that ask more than they answer. »

Its indefinable, indeterminate aspect therefore opens up to all possible possibilities to such an extent that the same words could correspond to a definition of art.About twenty living artists present their proposals around this poetic horizon, this “song”, this questioning on which the concept of freedom would be based. And if it is still in progress, blind to the future forms it will produce, here it is associated with the field of creation. The artist is therefore above all a creator of Freedom.

The works presented here all seek to express a specific aspect of the concept and one can only regret that the subject is sometimes confused by other themes such as the animal cause. This leads to a dangerous confusion between freedom and morality… The works remain strong and that is the most important thing Liu Bolin immerses himself in reality to the point of blending in with the elements in which he is photographed. Is being free then merging, becoming invisible? What about protecting yourself from the world or acting on it? Gérard Rancinan updates the iconography of freedom by reinterpreting Delacroix’ painting through photography. The Iranian Shadi RezaeiThrough drawing and video, he is interested in the freedom of the body in relation to cultural and religious traditions Benjamin Sabatier s’attache particulièrement à la sculpture et à l’expérimentation qu’elle permet tandis que bien d’ autres artistes évoquent la sexualité, la répression et les drames de l’histoire. Perhaps it is in the very idea of painting and figuration that François Bard thinks this concept of freedom. The anonymous figure, centered to the point of suffocation, “depicts” a form of absence, the scar of a lack. There are also Franta, Louis James, Philippe Perrin, Gérard Taride, Myrian Klein, Bennacer… The exhibition is held in a former prison: Proof that art can overcome oppression.

Until October 15th

“Liberté, liberté chérie”, Collective exhibition

Lympia Gallery, Nice

Michel Gathier

With a literary background, Michel Gathier developed a passion for art very early, particularly during long stays abroad. He has contributed to the magazine “L’art vivant” and now...

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