Lyon Biennale, artistic laboratory and mental landscape


#LYON In parallel with museums in which the works are displayed according to a specific theme or historical approach, biennales aspire to bear witness to the emergence of new forms and a creative movement. The Lyon Biennale also has its specificity through its development according to a place, as shown by the title of its fifteenth edition, “Là où les eaux se mêlent”.

A city is a geography, a landscape, but also an economic and social context in which the work is built. It is therefore the 29,000 m2 of the former FAGOR factories, in the heart of the city, that become a laboratory for some fifty international artists who have worked there in situ for works related to architecture, history and all these residual signs in which they will find their inspiration.

The common thread of this biennial will therefore be “the landscape”. But above all, a mental landscape reconstructed by the imagination and the commitment of the artists as it was conceived upstream by the curatorial team of the Palais de Tokyo, who defined it as follows: “An ecosystem, at the junction of biological, economic and cosmogonic landscapes”. An adventure full of surprises for the visitor who will be invited to act and react in relation to works that already promise to be committed and monumental!

The biennale will also cover an entire territory, the MAC Lyon, the Lyon metropolis and its region through a series of events, Veduta, Jeune création internationale, Résonance and associated exhibitions

Michel Gathier

With a literary background, Michel Gathier developed a passion for art very early, particularly during long stays abroad. He has contributed to the magazine “L’art vivant” and now...

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