Peter Saul “Pop, Funk, Bad Painting and More”

#TOULOUSE With white hair, curved back and slow pace, Peter Saul walks and sits in front of an impressive pool of journalists. We are in the provinces but it is true that “Les Abattoirs” in Toulouse is a place that counts today. Moreover, to receive Saul is to receive a provocateur of the calibre of “Crumb”, to welcome one of the last masters of “Pop Art”.
A flood of questions fuse. Peter Saul, the mischievous, mischievous eye, responds with modesty and humour: “I am always inspired and I continue to exaggerate, I always consider myself crazy”. He defines himself as a Pop artist, “an artist who takes care of the concerns of his time” and “Trump! “Drop a journalist, (because you can’t not talk about it when you meet an American): “I’m going to paint him as a woman who will defend women, and that will change things,” before adding “because it’s women you can expect the best”; it’s true! (sir knows how to seduce).
Nor does he hide the satisfaction of such a retrospective, now acquired in the world’s greatest museums, he has long been blamed for his “shocking”, “disturbing” painting where the more war there is, the more sex there is.
The exhibition is intended to be chronological, it shows the influence that comics had on Peter Saul and retraces his artistic journey with a scenography that is as good as the man himself.
From Paris in the 1960s, where he created his first works (reproducing superheroes, inspired by the everyday objects of the Amercan Way of Life), we continue with Funk, this free and hedonistic painting, always very colourful and communicative. Then comes the “Bad painting”, a movement that would become established in the 1980s. A large room mainly dedicated to portraits is also available. The “vast stroll” aspect allows a real breath, and thus combines the painter’s talent in the service of caricature.
Sarcastic, popular and colorful, with Saul, Dali pisses on Duchamps and there is nothing vulgar and grotesque about it. Her works finally occupy the place she deserves.

Peter Saul
Pop, Funk, Bad Painting and More
Du 20/09/2019 au 26/01/2020
Musée les Abattoirs
76 allées Charles de Fitte
31300 Toulouse

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