“The Dreamer of the Forest” at the Zadkine Museum

#PARIS  Under the title “The Dreamer of the Forest”, forty artists have settled in the Zadkine Museum. Dedicated to the sculptor Ossip Zadkine, the museum, (a real green setting nestled in the heart of the sixth arrondissement of Paris) offers a dialogue of his works with modern and contemporary artists. Great masters rub shoulders with more intimate artists around this link that is “the forest”. Once a nourishing space for man, it produces the material “wood” for the sculptor and an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the artist in general. The ecological emergency that is hitting our over-consumption societies reminds us of how urgent it is to stop sawing the branch on which we are sitting. So let us be ambitious, let us recreate a link between nature and man. How can we resist here the call of the one who purges the atmosphere of carbon dioxide, come on, let’s dream a little, let’s go to the Zadkine Museum, for a moment, it will purge our mind by combining “art and the forest”, stimulate our emotions, sometimes intimate and deep.


From September 27, 2019 to February 23, 2020

The dreamer of the forest

Zadkine Museum, 100 bis rue d’Assam, 75006 Paris

Dominique Vautrin

Dominique Vautrin is a French photographer. Influenced by American street photography, he develops during his various projects, a dark work that depicts a society in a phase of anonymization. The c...

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