Christophe Billard

From his passion for art, discovered at a very young age, Christophe Billard never lost from his sight this passion through his 25 years banking career. ESSEC diploma in pocket and VSNE accomplished in commodity trading in Hong Kong, Christophe joined Societe Generale and embarks for successive “septennats” (involuntary), in senior management positions, in France and especially internationally, within the General Inspection and Private Banking & Wealth Management. If its “homes” are respectively Singapore, Tokyo and London, the art remains always in the background: passionate subject of discussion with Asian customers, partnerships and sponsorship with artistic institutions within the framework of the commercial policy of which it is in charge, promotion of an extraordinary private museum of a Japanese client in Nagoya, beginning of personal collection of lithos and contemporary paintings. In 2008, the meeting with Jean-Michel Alberola in Japan marks a turning point and translates into a deeper commitment to the art sector: first collaboration of Mécénat staff with the co-production of the film ‘Koyamaru’ of J-M. Alberola; discovery of the Idem art printing house in Montparnasse, one of the last lithography workshops in Europe, helping to forge links between Idem and Asia and providing philanthropic support to the entity. Detached from the bank since 2016, Christophe became President of the Association of Friends of Idem and Member of the Board of Directors of the Idem Endowment Fund in 2017. Married, father of two children, regularly sailing between London where he is installed and Paris, Christophe is now dedicated to working at the intersection of the worlds of banking and art, seeking to join an art foundation in France or Europe.

Christophe Billard’s Articles

Through a hole, you enter the dense and bushy undergrowth. Shrubs, branches and foliage intermingle wildly and densely, in thick masses. Intensity of the greens, coldness of a range of blues, gradations of…