François Jacquemain’s Plogoff Dossier

Released on January 1, 1980

Late 1970s A.D. All of Gaul is being brought into line with the supremacy of nuclear energy and its world. All of it? No! Because a village populated by irreducible Bretons is still resisting the invader and his power plant project. And life is not easy for the garrisons of mobile guards from the entrenched camps around. Thus, without magic potion but with stones, cries and administrative appeals, the inhabitants of Plogoff conscientiously defy the French State. In Le dossier Plogoff, directed by François Jacquemain in 1980 and dusted off by Synaps Collectif Audio visuel in 2017, their gestures and words span a few decades to offer us an indispensable resonance chamber for the current struggles against all environmental damage. The very people who, in Plogoff yesterday and elsewhere today, are served on their beds with various exactions and perpetrated with fervour by the States and their faithful nerves, as so many offerings to the growing God.

Dominique Vautrin

Dominique Vautrin is a French photographer. Influenced by American street photography, he develops during his various projects, a dark work that depicts a society in a phase of anonymization. The c...

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